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Free Fire has a large active user base thanks to its distinctive game mechanics and features, such as character skillspet abilities, and so on. In the game, character and skill combinations are quite important. Every character has a special ability that gives the user an advantage in battle. Furthermore, Free Fire features two different types of skills: Active and Passive. Thiva was just recently brought to the game, and he has a remarkable ability that benefits in rescuing teammates. Although it is not beneficial directly to the user, it has advantages while playing duo or squad mode. This Free Fire Thiva guide will help you with the best character combinations with Thiva and tips to master him.

About Thiva in Free Fire

According to Free Fire comics, Dimitri’s younger brother is Thiva. He had a natural talent for music and had performed it since he was a child. He genuinely wants to assist the world and improve people’s lives, and believes that the greatest way to do it is through his music, where he can reach out to each individual with a genuine message.

Thiva abilities in Free Fire

At its initial level, the rescue speed is increased by 10%, and on successful rescue, the player recovers 15 HP in 5 seconds. The rescue speed increases by 25%, and after rescuing the player recovers 40 HP in 5 seconds, at its max level.

Best character skill combinations with Thiva you should try in Free Fire

As Thiva is a passive-skilled character, players can equip one active skill and the passive skills along with him in combination. Some of the best skill combinations with Thiva are listed below.

1. Thiva/ Skyler/ Moco/ Hayato

Skyler unleashes a sonic wave than can destroy 5 Gloo walls in a row and on every Gloo wall deployed, the user recovers some HP. Moco exposes the location of the hit enemies with a mark on their heads. Hayato increases the armor penetration by 10% over the opponents, with every 10% decrease in the user’s maximum HP.

Using this skill combination, players can play a supportive role and when required they can knock down enemies at lower HP with Hayato’s ability.

2. Thiva/ Chrono/ Maro/ Rafael

Chrono creates a damage-blocking shield, that can block 800 damage and the shield remains for 6 sec. Maro increases the damage with the increase in distance from the enemies. Rafael has a silencing effect while using snipers or rifles, and the downed enemy suffers 45% faster HP loss.

This skill combination is solely for BR mode, players can take long-range fights and can play a supportive role in the team in short-range combat.

3. Thiva/ Wukong/ Olivia/ D-Bee

On activating Wukong’s skill, it transforms into a moveable bush shield on which the default aim doesn’t work. Olivia recovers 80 HP instantly to the revived players. D-Bee, on the other hand, when firing while moving, increases the movement speed and bullets accuracy.

This skill can be equipped while Clash Squad or BR mode for supportive as well as offensive gameplay when required.

Tips and Tricks for using Thiva in Free Fire

  • Because medkits are limited in CS mode, players can equip Olivia with Thiva, which gives the rescued player 140 HP.
  • Players should not use Thiva in any solo mode, such as lone wolf, BR mode, and so on.

Also, When playing Squad mode, at least two members of the team should equip Thiva and they should avoid short-range combat and play a supportive role.

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