AFK Arena Beginners Guide and Tips

When it comes to idle or farming games, a lot of players may find a lot of ease in playing those games, but it would still take a lot of time. Time to farm for resources, gather experience, and get better overall. Unlike other idle games, AFK Arena is an idle RPG game made by Lilith Games. With their reputation, Lilith was able to produce good and great games for some time now, it is not a surprise that AFK Arena is doing well and continues to appeal to a lot of players. This AFK Arena beginners guide is for those beginners and returning players that could massively help them out.

Gameplay Overview

The mechanics of the game are quite simple as players would have to progress the game through battles and other game modes, and can also choose to go AFK or away from the keyboard (or phone in this situation), and simply come back after a few hours or so. AFK Arena has really been great and there are a lot of reasons why, but for players who are trying it out or coming back, there are quite the improvements or new features that have been put in the game. But fret not, we will be covering all the basic details of the game in our AFK Arena Beginners Guide.

Introducing the basics of AFK Arena


Like most idle games, AFK Arena lets players progress through the main campaign in which they can also earn rewards after each successful battle. A player can use up to five heroes in one battle, with the exception of repeating heroes. Players would have to beat the enemy team within a time limit of one minute and thirty seconds in order to advance.

Image via Lilith Games

In the main campaign, there would usually be a boss level every fourth battle in order to serve as roadblocks or a strength test for players. Players should feel free to mix and match heroes to their liking or even to faction strengths and bonuses. This could also be a key for players to get past certain stages and boss levels.

Faction bonuses and Counters

Just like a lot of idle and RPG games, AFK Arena also has the same mechanic where there are certain factions that are stronger than another. This is because it adds balance to the game and makes sure that one faction overpowers another solely based on stats. Certain faction counters another and some do fairly well against those they do not count or are weak against.

Faction bonuses and counters
Image via Lilith Games

For example, Lightbearers hold an advantage against Maulers, while the Mauler group is superior to the Wilders. Wilders then counter the Graveborn faction, and Lightbearers are especially weak to Graveborns. Moving from there, the next factions: Celestials and Hypogeans are counters of each other meaning that they are a dice roll when it comes to fighting counters of either faction. Most players would usually team up Celestials and Hypogeans with other factions for their bonuses.

And for the last available faction, the Dimensionals hold a higher tier and cap when it comes to overall strength. Dimensionals do not have a certain weakness but have certain weaknesses that do not allow them to be overpowered, but since they are exclusives to the game, they still hold massive potential and abilities.

When it comes to faction bonuses, players can add in a certain number of heroes in one faction to activate a bonus. They could mix and match different factions that would help them win more battles and easily advance. The faction bonuses are as follows:

Faction bonuses and counters2
Image via Lilith Games

As mentioned above, both Celestials and Hypogeans hold certain bonuses and could help out any team that would include them. Players should also feel free to find out what works for them when it comes to matching which Celestial or Hypogean fits best into their team especially when players would want to try for a five-hero faction bonus.

As Dimensionals have no one weakness, other players have found a way to take them down easily in battles. Players would usually overpower the opposing Dimensional or even go with hard crowd control so the Dimensional would have a significantly less effect on a battle.

Getting and Equipping the perfect Gear

Like many similar games, players can get or even farm some loot when they go AFK. More often than not, players would be able to get some gear for their heroes. Players could also get some gear in the store whenever they visit, but would only be available once after the cooldown period.

equipping gear
AFK Arena Beginners Guide (Image via Lilith Games)

When it comes to the gear that could be equipped for heroes, the gear itself grants heroes with stats that could make them stronger and tougher in battle. Gear also comes in rarity and the better the rarity, the stronger the gear. After a certain level, players would be able to get gear that has faction bonuses as well.

For example, after going AFK for a bit, players might have a chance to get a piece of gear with a Mauler or Lightbearer faction bonus. Of course, players could equip that piece of gear on any hero, but matching it with a hero of the same faction as the bonus would grant them a stat bonus of up to thirty percent!

Collecting Rewards

What is unique with AFK Arena is that the game continues to give out a lot of rewards even for free-to-play players. Players are able to get a lot of rewards based on in-game events and also gifts from developers themselves.

Image via Lilith Games

Aside from that, players are treated to a Fast Rewards feature in the game. Each player has one free chance to use their Free Rewards each day. Using it up would entitle players to loot and other unlocked bonuses that are equal to a two-hour period where you would be AFK. Each succeeding use of Fast Rewards would cost players 50 diamonds.

Completing Quests

Quests in AFK Arena are a huge help when it comes to progressing through chapters and many more. Players can progress through and accomplish these quests for each day, week, and with their progress through their campaign.

Image via Lilith Games

With the new feature of the game, players can finish up to a number of quests then click on any chest like in the image above and have all accumulated rewards collected. Rewards would help players when it comes to getting resources all around and would also get better as players advance through the game.

Friends and more

Just like similar games as well, AFK Arena also has the friends features that can players can make the most out of. Players can send out and receive companion points to everyone on their friend’s list. Ten companion points could also equate to one pull from the Tavern and might even hold some luck to players.

Friends and more AFK Arena Beginners Guide
Image via Lilith Games

Other than the companion points and pulls it could be converted to, players can also rent heroes from their friends or guildmates for Short-Term which is up to seven days. And for a much-needed feature that was added in, players can also choose to Garrison Dimensional Heroes from their friends as well.

Although the cost for a Garrison is a bit steep, it would be well worth the price. If players would Garrison a certain Dimensional hero up to six times, they would be able to garrison that hero for free after their sixth successful garrison. That’s right, players can get those exclusive heroes but would ultimately need to work for it.

The Store

Without a shortage of resources, while progressing, AFK Arena also offers a storage option for players. Here, players can purchase a whole assortment of resources and even heroes should they have the right amount of currency for them. The currency could come in form of diamonds, gold, and others.

The store
Image via Lilith Games

Some heroes are worth getting especially early on. A good investment would be the only Dimensionals available through the store: Arthur and Merlin. Though players would not be able to pick them up immediately, the benefits of getting most champions in the store definitely outweigh the costs and can bolster a team/s of players.

Your Bag

Like most newer players, they would usually notice their bag in the game rather late. Matching with the theme of the game, the bag acts as the player’s inventory for a lot of in-game rewards and others.

Your bag AFK Arena Beginners Guide
Image via Lilith Games

Some useful materials are stored here and can only be accessed or activated with the use of it in the bag. Players could use certain items in the inventory to gain more resources and use hero stones to unlock different heroes. Regardless of what is in a player’s bag, they could definitely help them out in more ways than one.

The Noble Tavern and wishlist

This is where players can use up their scrolls, diamonds, or companion points to draw out heroes. Players have the option to go for one draw or even up to ten! With the exception of the use of diamonds, other means of draws would usually cost up to the total of ten draws for scrolls, and companion points, while the use of diamonds would only be up to ninety percent of the total price. To avoid any confusion, you can check our complete guide on rerolling in AFK Arena here.

afk arena reroll characters
Image via Lilith Games

It is advised that players would edit or fix up their Wishlist that could be found at the upper left corner of their screens. Players would be able to choose which heroes they want to go for in each faction. The Wishlist would increase the odds of a player getting a hero they wanted while drawing for heroes. This is incredibly useful for players who are aiming to strengthen a certain hero or faction without having to deal with the challenge of facing luck and possibility with each draw.

The Resonating Crystal

The Ascending Crystal is one of the most useful tools available in the game. This is used to massively boost teams and heroes especially if players are a bit short on resources early on or moving forward. How it works is that it takes the top five leveled heroes of a player and takes them as a basis for the crystal.

resonating crystal AFK Arena Beginners Guide
Image via Lilith Games

With the fifth-highest level hero being the border of which level is used, any hero put on the crystal would then be gifted with the same level as the fifth-highest level hero of a player. Along with the level itself, the bonuses of those level-ups are also applied, but the ascension level of that fifth-highest hero is not applied.

Joining a Guild

The guild
Image via Lilith Games

Players are advised by the game to join a guild early on. Doing so would allow players to unlock and participate in Guild Hunts. The guild hunt has two bosses that players can go for. Challenging these guild bosses would only be available two to three times per day for Wrizz and Soren would only be available if it would be unlocked upon collecting the proper resources by the guild as a whole. Challenging these bosses would give players rewards such as different leveled gear, gold, and diamonds if players would be lucky!

The Oak Inn

What some players might not notice is that though the Oak Inn would have certain requirements for players to use it, it does actually give up to three chances for players to collect rewards that they could use. For starting players, they could visit other friend’s inns and collect those rewards.

Oak Inn AFK Arena Lilith Games AFK Arena Beginners Guide
Image via Lilith Games

Rewards vary from hero stones, diamonds, and other resources. Although it is limited to three rewards, accumulating resources can be pretty huge even in the earlier stages of the game.

Final Thoughts

AFK Arena is not a perfect game, but it is one that definitely appeals to the gaming community a lot and is really generous when it comes to rewards and in-game events. Being also an idle game, players have a lot of freedom to play around and return to it whenever they can or want to.

If ever players would feel they are stuck at a certain level or stage, they could always continue to farm resources or even go AFK for some time. It is an idle game and just means that players will only get stronger over time. Players should make sure that they check in at least once every twelve hours to get the maximum output of their AFK farming, but most importantly, enjoy the game while moving up! That’s all for the basic tips and tricks, if you find it difficult progressing in the game, you can always fall back to this AFK Arena Beginners Guide for help.

That’s all for today’s AFK Arena beginners guide. Did you find our AFK Arena beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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