Best Gun combinations for every Legend

Every legend plays a particular role in battle, whether it’s defense, offense, or support. Each of their playstyles and skill-sets is necessitated by a unique weapon combination. This guide will show you the optimal weapon/gun combinations for each legend in Apex Legends Mobile.

Best Gun Combinations for every legend in Apex Legends Mobile

1. Bloodhound

Bloodhound is a scout-type aggressive pusher with a passive that allows him to track enemies by checking for things like footsteps, jumps, ziplines, empty shells and so on while using his tactical ability. He may momentarily uncover and view any concealed adversaries, traps or clues dispersed across the structures on the map in a cone with a maximum distance of 75 metres and a radius of 125 degrees.

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Therefore, the best weapon combinations for Bloodhound would be a set of one close range and one long-range weapon. R-99 SMG should be good for close range, while Havoc Rifle will be good for mid and long-range.

2. Bangalore

Bangalore is an offensive legend who also likes to flank. Bangalore’s sprinting speed is increased by 30%, as a result of her passive ability. If the character is under attack, players can use this ability to flee or go full aggro on the foe, and her tactical ability shoots a high-velocity smoke canister that produces a thick smoke wall on hit. One must use this ability to sneak up on and defeat adversaries.

Apex Legends Mobile gun combinations Legend
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Therefore, the best weapon combinations for Bangalore would be a set of one close range and one long-range weapon. Mozambique Shotgun should be good for close range and R-301 Carbine assault rifle for medium and long range.

3. Octane

Octane is an offensive entrance fragger, who is designed for speed freaks. Octane’s passive heals any lost health over time, which is 1 HP per second, while his tactical ability, the Stim, grants 30% increased movement speed for six seconds. Octane players are incredibly aggressive and take the initiative first to join the conflict and get an advantage over their opponents, as they are swift.

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It is more difficult to deal with Octane at close range. Therefore, an excellent Octane combination would be either two SMGs or one SMG and one Shotgun. These two options will be Mozambique Shotgun and Volt SMG for close range.

4. Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a Defensive legend who defends his team, when they are ambushed. Gibraltar’s passive ability causes a gun shield to be deployed from his arm, whenever he aims down sights. It deflects incoming fire, conserving health, and Gibraltar’s tactical ability allows him to hurl down a gigantic dome shield that deflects incoming fire and saves teammates.

Apex Legends Mobile gun combinations Legend
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One of the reasons Gibraltar is most suited for long-range combat is his tactical ability. A mid-range and a long-range weapon would be the best arsenal combination for Gibraltar. Havoc Rifle and G7 Scout/ Sentinel for medium and long-range fights.

5. Lifeline

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Lifeline is a support legend. Her skills do not aid in engaging or disengaging foes. Hence, having a mid/long-range weapon as the main and a close-range weapon as a secondary weapon appears to be the best option for her. Wingman/Mozambique for close range and L-star EMG/Vk-47 Flatline for medium to long-range fights.

6. Pathfinder

Pathfinder is a scout-type legend. His abilities let him travel through distance easily, which makes it easier for him to chase down enemies and take them down. The best weapon options for him would be a close-range and a medium-range weapon. Peacekeeper Shotgun for close range and R-301 Carbine for medium to long range.

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7. Wraith

Wraith is a particularly ferocious legend. The passive ability of Wraith is a warning voice that alerts the player when danger is nearby. When an enemy stares at the player or targets the player, her tactical ability allows her to move across spacetime, escaping all damage. Her ultimate ability creates two portals that connect to each other for 60 seconds, allowing her to fight or flee.

Apex Legends Mobile gun combinations Legend
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A close-to-mid range weapon with high damage would be the best weapon combo for wraith. A set of Volt SMG and R-99 SMG for close to mid-range fights.

8. Caustic

Caustic is a defensive legend who also plays offence. It allows Caustic to see adversaries through his own and his enemies’ gas, his tactical ability drops lethal Nox gas canisters that explode when enemies pass close to them or you shoot at them, and Caustic’s ultimate ability is a Nox gas bomb that covers a large area and harms foes in that zone.

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Caustic’s main goal is to maximise his use of gas and sneak up on foes in gas to take them out. A high damage close range weapon with a medium to long-range LMG would be the best weapon combo for caustic. EVA-8 Auto shotgun for close range and Spitfire/ L-star EMG for medium to long-range flights.

9. Mirage

Mirage is a tactical legend that relies on his talents to close in on adversaries or flank them in order to defeat them. Mirage’s tactical ability lets the player send forth a holographic decoy with limited life and footsteps to deceive foes. His ultimate ability allows Mirage to deploy five decoys at once.

Apex Legends Mobile gun combinations Legend
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In addition, employing the ability makes Mirage invisible for a short period of time. Players should use this ability to its maximum potential by flanking adversaries or fleeing to stay in the game. The best weapon combination for mirage would be a close range and a medium to the long-range weapon. R-99 SMG for close range and R-301 Carbine for medium to long-range fights.

Final Thoughts

An experienced player doesn’t need any combinations to make things work. Therefore, players should just do what they enjoy best, while keeping the abilities of the legends in mind to make the most out of it.

What are your thoughts about the best gun/ weapon combinations for every other Legend in Apex legends Mobile. Let us know in the comment section below!

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