Best meta teams in the Arena mode

There’s a new arena season, and as always, there are brand new meta teams to look out for. The arrival of Dark Cacao Cookie has changed the meta drastically, and the new Epic treasure (Miraculous Natural Remedy) has proven to be useful in a certain team comp! Let’s take a look at the best meta teams in the Cookie Run: Kingdom arena for the Frost Queen Season 3 at the moment.

1. Dark Cacao Comp

Image via Devsisters
  • Dark Cacao is incredibly useful for the arena, since he provides a lot of useful skills, like his Injury debuff and his Zap skill; the former can take off 25% of the enemy team’s maximum HP, which means the enemy healers can’t heal as much as they normally can. It’s more powerful than other debuffs since it currently can’t be cleansed in the game, making the Bookseller’s Monocle’s debuff cleanse useless against it. The Zap skill is similar to Twizzle Gummy Cookie‘s skill and can deplete HP shields from enemies. This makes Dark Cacao a good counter to Eclair Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie, whose HP shields can be especially annoying to handle.
dark choco cookie
Dark Choco Cookie (Image via Devsisters)
  • This comp usually uses a second tank, since Dark Cacao is more offensive than defensive. The common picks are Strawberry Crepe Cookie and Cocoa Cookie; for this comp to be effective, they have to have a 3 second start, so make sure you have at least 22.3% cooldown on whichever secondary tank you want to use. A 4-second start would make the team a lot less effective since it will mess up the team skill order; if you can’t get a 3-second start then you’re better off running Dark Cacao as your only tank.
  • For attackers, the most common cookies to use are: Eclair Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie and Sea Fairy Cookie

Players generally pick only two from these, with a preference for Eclair Cookie since his stackable Weakness debuff is great at targeting the enemy’s highest damage dealers. Whichever attackers you use, it’s best to use a full Raspberry set on them.

eclair cookie Cookie Run: Kingdom Season 3 meta
Eclair Cookie (Image via Devsisters)
  • For healers, people usually choose either Cotton Cookie (one of the best Epic healers in the game) or Pure Vanilla Cookie. While Pure Vanilla has been used less in arena due to Dark Cacao countering his HP shields, Pure Vanilla is still great as a healer especially since he heals your whole team by a great amount all at once, instead of gradually healing over time (for example: Cotton Cookie heals per tick, making it possible for your cookies to die before Cotton fully heals them.)

As always, healers use full Swift Chocolate toppings. Note: If you already have 3 Legendary or Ancient cookies on your team, you won’t be able to choose Pure Vanilla.

full Swift Chocolate toppings.
Image via Devsisters
  • Treasures for this compare Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather / Monocle.

Feather is the standard option, but if you’re confident in your team’s survivability (meaning none of your cookies gets killed early in the match) the Monocle is a good pick too since it applies a debuff cleanse, countering Eclair’s Weakness Debuff.

2. Tea Knight Comp

Tea Knight Comp
Image via Devsisters
  • While he wasn’t as popular in the previous arena season, Tea Knight has been quickly getting a rise in popularity, to the point that the majority of the top arena leaderboard has Tea Knight in their defense team! The new Epic treasure released in the Dark Cacao Update has been really beneficial to Tea Knight, making him a terror in the arena.

Tea Knight Cookie uses Whole Almonds as toppings, and it’s necessary that he has the highest DMG Resist substate in the whole team, since his main skill relies on him being the last remaining cookie. If he dies early in the match, the whole team comp falls apart!

  • Currently, the best cookies to use in a Tea Knight Compare:
    • Dark Cacao Cookie (27.1% CD for 3-second start) or Cocoa Cookie (22.3% CD for 3-second start)
    • Eclair (Full Raspberry Toppings)
    • Sea Fairy (Full Raspberry Toppings)
    • Frost Queen (Full Raspberry Toppings)
Tea Knight Comp are
Image via Devsisters
  • Treasures for this comps are: Scroll, Faded Insignia, Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather/Blind Healer’s Staff/Miraculous Natural Remedy

Faded Insignia is a must-have for a Tea Knight Comp (so Tea Knight would have a lot of survivability), and the third treasure is up to you to test on which one works best. The Remedy treasure is beneficial for its ATK boost, just make sure Tea Knight has the highest HP so he’ll be the one benefitting from the buff.

3. No Tank Comp (Anti-Tea Knight)

No Tank Comp (Anti-Tea Knight)
Image via Devsisters
  • Specifically created as a counter to the Tea Knight Comp, this comp’s main goal is to take Tea Knight out first, rendering the Tea Knight comp useless.
  • The cookies for this comps are:

Sorbet Shark Cookie

They use full Almond toppings since they’re at the front of the team and can be a little fragile. They’re an important part of the team since their skill wipes out a percentage of cookies’ health, instead of a set amount. This makes it easy for them to defeat Tea Knight quickly.

Frost Queen

frost queen cookie
Frost Queen Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

She uses either full Swift Chocolate (if you want her to freeze enemies more often) or full Raspberry (if you want her to deal as much damage to the enemy team as possible). Frost Queen is more commonly used than Sea Fairy since Sea Fairy’s stuns are countered by Cocoa, while Frost Queen’s freezing skill has no actual counter yet.


Like Sorbet, they also use full Almonds due to their fragile health. Pumpkin’s summoned creature applies a Decreased Healing debuff, which dramatically lowers the amount of healing the enemy cookies get.

Cotton and Parfait

Watch as treasures.
Image via Devsisters

A great duo, this pair can out heal Pure Vanilla and apply boosts to the team too! Cotton has her sheep that can tank damage, and she stuns that also come in handy. Parfait has her 40% Debuff Resist, which is a great counter since the game has been steadily introducing more and more kinds of debuffs. This team uses Scroll, Feather, and Watch as treasures.

What are your thoughts on our choice of meta teams for the Cookie Run: Kingdom Frost Queen Season 3? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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