Best Monsters for beginners and Tips

When it comes to winning duels, players would usually implore the use of their ace monsters and inflict battle damage to reduce their opponent’s life points to zero. With that, a lot of monsters would require some special summoning, and you could only do so much with card and trap support in your deck. Therefore here is our Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel guide on some effect monsters that are great to use for beginners and even those returning players!

Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

While monsters can serve players for attacking and defending life points, they also serve as the main body of a deck and can also have strong effects when played at the right or crucial moments.

While most duels can be pretty much won in less than ten turns, a lot of players still have their strategies relying on combos with their monsters, or even carrying out the whole duel with the use of their monsters.

Best Monsters for beginners in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

1. Sangan

While seen in the anime as a weaker monster to defend their life points, this card definitely has a very strong and useful effect. Just like mentioned above, and despite its restrictions, Sangan allows the player to add one monster with 1,500 or fewer attack points from the deck to their hand.

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Even with the restrictions added in, this could help set up players’ next turn or allow them to add a powerful wall for their field in order to get back into the duel. Sangan has been used in many decks that allow special summoning and could be a great beginner monster to pick up.

2. Spirit Reaper

Coming next is more on the defensive side of the duel and could protect players and their life points for way longer. Spirit Reaper is a level three effect monster that could not be destroyed by battle. With its effect compensating for its low stats, Spirit Reaper can be a tough wall to get through since it could only be destroyed with card effects.

Spririt reaper Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel monsters
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While some decks would run high stat monsters and go for the win with attacking life points directly with brute force, this card can definitely put a halt to that. Spirit Reaper also has another effect wherein it would inflict battle damage through a direct attack, the opponent has to discard one random card from their hand. With its stats being as they are, it would be best to keep this card protecting life points at defense mode.

3. Scapeghost

One of the more underrated flip monster cards, Scapeghost is essentially a Scapegoat but as a monster card. This effect monster requires it to be set, then flipped in order to activate its effect.

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What this would then do is allow the player to special summon up to a total of four Black Sheep Tokens to their side of the field. Just like the spell card, the tokens that are special summoned have zero for their stats but could definitely act as a wall against four attacks as well.

4. Battle Fader

This is one card that can remain in a player’s hand and can also act like a Negate Attack trap card if kept in the hand and if the player would be directly attacked. How this card works so that players can special summon their field once they will be directly attacked.

Battle fader Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel monsters
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The player can complete the special summon and immediately end the opponent’s battle phase after special summoning Battle Fader unto to the field. The only downside to this card is that it would be banished if it was specially summoned in the above-mentioned condition, but it still could provide players with that one turn stall they need and save their life points.

5. Exploder Dragon

Some players would encounter some other player’s ace monster that they couldn’t beat in terms of sheer stats. This card is a good catalyst to counter those high stat ace monsters. With a simple effect, it could provide players with the shut down of the high-level and stat monsters of their opponents.

Exploder dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel monsters
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Players could use Exploder Dragon defensively and just set it on the field and wait for any high stat monster to attack it, or players could also summon this card right off the bat and attack the monster they need to be taken down. Since an attack between this card and another doesn’t involve any battle damage, players can use this card as some sort of Smashing Ground or Fissure in terms of a monster card.

6. Shield Wing

Some players may find themselves in a sticky situation and might not be able to withstand any of their monsters taken down, or they may simply need a monster to stay long enough on their field for a tribute or special summon. This may be the card that beginning players need in order to keep their life points safe and at the same time, have a monster out on the field.

Shield wing
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With a rather short and simple effect, Shield Wing cannot be destroyed by battle up to twice per turn. This means that the opponent would need to successfully attack the shield wing three times in order for it to be destroyed and sent to the graveyard. Players should be cautious as Shield Wing is still vulnerable to card effects.

7. The Tricky

With one of the higher stat monsters in this guide, The Tricky is one card that could allow players to bring out a high stat monster with a very minimal price. For this card to be specially summoned, players must discard one card from their hand to the graveyard.

The tricky
Image via Konami

Now, players can choose to discard a card that could not potentially help them during that turn in exchange for a monster that could come out with two thousand attack points. Players can also implore the use of cards that have an effect that could be activated once in the graveyard, or when discarded. How the player would revolve a strategy around this is up to them and could use any type of card that they seem fit as long as it would benefit their strategy later on.

One more good thing The Tricky could be used for is a tribute summon of a much stronger monster in players’ decks. Since it would be a special summon with its effect, players could still perform their one normal summon per turn.

Final Thoughts

These cards can definitely provide a much-needed stall or boost for beginner players and could also turn the tides of battle and eventually earn them the win. As these cards are not necessarily deemed as overpowered, they definitely have some effects that make them a staple for some advanced decks as well. Players should create a strategy wherein they could save their life points and also have some monsters out that could negate some of their opponent’s moves while trying to enjoy and win the duel with some surprising tactics with these effect monsters!

That’s all for today’s Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Monsters guide. Did you find our Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Monsters guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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