Best teams to target and avoid

We are approaching the latter stages of the FPL season and things are getting tenser by the week. All the previously postponed fixtures are being rescheduled into the coming gameweeks, which means we’ve got a ton of Double and Blank gameweeks crammed into a short period. Whilst an extra Free Hit chip has been provided to all FPL managers, the planning required each week can get really heavy. To help out, we are back with the FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 29-33, 2021/22 analyzing the schedule over the next 5 gameweeks. We’ve picked out some of the best teams to target and avoid in this period, and the best assets to be owned as well.

FPL 2021/22 Fixture Watch Gameweek 29-33 2021/22: Chip Strategy

For the upcoming eventful gameweeks, we’ve picked out the best teams to be looking at and buying into with transfers. It’s worth noting that if there are other fires to put out such as injuries, suspensions, rotation risks, etc, those should be a higher priority.

Double GW29

Ideally, managers should look to maximize the number of double gameweek playing assets ahead of DGW29. Descending on what the plan is for blank GW30, the transfer plan here varies from manager-to-manager. The best chip strategy is to use a Free Hit or a Wildcard to navigate GW30. Those who have the required chip to do that should focus on the teams that play twice in GW29, and have a good fixture in GW31 after the blank (i.e. Spurs, Arsenal, and Liverpool). Those who do not have the required chip should target the teams that play in BGW30 (i.e. Arsenal and Spurs).

Blank GW30

If no Free Hit or Wildcard is used here, then the aim should be to try and field a full starting 11, whilst also considering future game-weeks as well. Tottenham Spurs and Arsenal are the ideal targets, whilst Wolves, Leicester, and West Ham offer good assets as well. Keep an eye out for news though. There could be announcements for further double/blank gameweeks in the GW29-GW33 period, which could impact your team planning.

FPL 2021/22 Fixture Watch Gameweek 29-33 2021/22: Teams to Target

1. Arsenal

Arsenal is in very good form right now, having won 4 of their last 5 games in the Premier League. They’ll be hoping to carry that form further, and their upcoming fixtures look decent to do so too. Their DGW in GW29 against Leicester City and Liverpool is accompanied by Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Brighton, and Southampton in the weeks after.

They are one of the few teams that play a match in BGW30. In addition, Arsenal has two more fixtures to be rescheduled against Chelsea and Tottenham. Whilst these are tough games on paper, they will likely form a DGW in the near future.

Arsenal FPL Fantasy
FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 29-33 2021/22: Arsenal

Arsenal defenders are some who should be a high priority on the watchlist. Statistically, the Gunners have held the 4th best defense in the league by xGC. They’ve kept a respectable 11 clean sheets, which also ranks 4th in the league too.

Aaron Ramsdale (5.1 million) is the ideal keeper to own right now, and a defender could also be worthwhile. Although the attack doesn’t stand out especially, Arsenal forwards have still been productive. Bukayo Saka (6.5 million) is enjoying a strong season and has averaged 6.5 points over the last 5 games. Martin Odegaard (5.5 million) and Alex Lacazette (8.3 million) have both played consistent minutes, and have the potential for attacking returns too.

2. Chelsea

Chelsea has just had a huge fixture turn and is now looking at a lengthy run of favorable opposition. In the next 5 gameweeks, the Blues face Newcastle, Brentford, Southampton, and Leeds. They do blank in GW30 though, so targeting Chelsea players is more suitable to those who have a Free Hit/Wildcard ready to navigate the big BGW. Chelsea has a further two fixtures to be rescheduled as well – against Leicester and Arsenal.

Chelsea FPL Fantasy
FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 29-33 2021/22: Chelsea

The Chelsea defense has been the key point of interest for most of the FPL season. Defensively, the side has been solid, conceding the 2nd least xGC in the league. No other club has conceded fewer goals than Chelsea either (16). Antonio Rudiger (6.1 million) has missed just 1 game this season, even that was due to an injury.

Reece James (6.2 million) has had ups and downs this season but has proven to be very explosive, having produced five double-digit hauls this term. Although their attack has been quite strong producing the 3rd best xG all season, their forwards have not really been reliable FPL assets. Kai Havertz (7.8 million) and Mason Mount (7.5 million) could be good differentials, but the Chelsea defenders are much safer and can offer a similar if not better output.

3. Tottenham

Spurs fans are enduring a bit of a rollercoaster ride with their club recently. With 3 wins out of their last 5, they’ve been running on an alternating Win/Loss pattern. Despite that though, it’s evident that the squad still does possess quality, which they showed against Everton earlier this week.

Their upcoming fixtures offer good opportunities for Spurs to win back some advantage in the top 4 race. Their DGW in GW29 (Manchester United and Brighton) is followed by West Ham, Newcastle, Villa, and Brighton again. Tottenham is one of the 8 teams playing in BGW30 as well.

Tottenham FPL Fantasy Fixture Watch

Spurs have shown that they’re strong both in attack and defense, overall this season. They rank 5th for the best xG and also the best xGC amongst all other teams. The obvious choices to benefit from this are quite evident. Kane (12.3 million) has been on fine form recently, totaling 3 double-digit hauls in just the last 4 GWs. Whilst Son (10.8 million) has not been as explosive as his partner, he’s still been a consistent performer this season. He’s the 5th highest points-scorer in the game so far and has blanked just four times in the last 14 GWs.

Heavy rotation has shown that the Spurs wing-backs, although effective, have not been reliable for minutes. Nevertheless, Matt Doherty could be strong differential. He has played 90 mins in the last 2 PL games, and has totalled 32 points in just that period.

4. Leicester City

Leicester have not been as strong a competition as in previous seasons, currently sitting 12th on the PL table. However, having won the last two games, they’ll be hoping to have find some form to push back up for a good season finish. They’ve got some favourable fixtures round the corner too – Arsenal, Brentford, Manchester United, Crystal Palace and Newcastle are the fixtures for the next five GWs. Although they don’t play twice in DGW29, Leicester still have a very good home fixture against Brentford in the big BGW30. On top of that, the Foxes have 3 games to be rescheduled, and so it is highly likely they will get a few DGWs soon as well.

 FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 29-33 2021/22
Leicester City

Jamie Vardy (10.3 million) hit an 11 point haul in GW27 after being sidelined through injury. He could well be back in the list of premium strikers, as he was earlier this season. James Maddison (6.7 million) is not as on-form as he was mid-season, but he is the highest FPL points scorer at the club, and could be a useful asset. Harvey Barnes (6.5 million) and Youri Tielemans (6.4 million) are both possible differentials, though they haven’t been consistent enough recently.

5. Liverpool

Liverpool are working hard to try and shut the gap between first-placed Manchester City, and have won all 5 of their last 5 games. They will likely be aiming to go full strength in all their remaining league games as well, in an attempt to keep the form going. FPL-wise, targetting Liverpool is essential anyway, but for those without a plan for the BGW30, it’s best to avoid maxing out on Liverpool assets. For those that do have a plan, 3 Liverpool players should be the target. They play twice in DGW29 against Brighton and Arsenal, and have a very good home fixture against Watford right after. In the three weeks after, they play City, Villa and Everton – all three have proven to be high-scoring games historically.

Liverpool Football Club

Mohammed Salah (13.2 million) is without a doubt, an essential player, as is Trent Alexander-Arnold (8.5 million). For the third player, there are a range of possible options. Andrew Robertson (7.2 million) and Virgil Van Dijk (6.7 million) are solid premium defender options with very good FPL outputs – the latter is more likely to start whilst the former has proven to be much more explosive.

FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 29-33 2021/22: Teams to Avoid

1. Everton

Their DGW29 fixtures do look appealing, featuring Newcastle and Wolves. However, immediately after, it’s a big string of tough opposition. The Toffees blank in GW30, face West Ham and Manchester United, then blank again in GW33. It’s also worth noting that Newcastle are in very good form right now, unbeaten in the last 8 PL games, and Wolves also have not been a push-around team overall this season either.

 FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 29-33 2021/22
FPL Fixture Watch Gameweek 29-33 2021/22: Everton

On top of that, their form has taken many hits all season, and they’ve lost four times in the last 5 PL games. They do still have those three games to be rescheduled at some point. However as it stands, they don’t look like a team worth jumping on just yet.

2. Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace

This might just be the team with the worst schedule over the next 5 GWs, out of any other PL team. In GW29, they have the dreaded tie with league-leaders Manchester City, which is followed by a blank in GW30. Arsenal and Leicester follow, then it’s another blank in GW33 as well. They do have two fixtures to be rescheduled but as it stands now, it’s unlikely they will make a DGW anytime soon. It is definitely not a good idea to buy into any of Vieira’s men, and for those that are already owned, there will much likely be better replacements.

3. Brighton


The Seagulls could do with a few points to push up the table a bit, but will find it much harder to do so in the coming weeks. They face a whopping 4 classic top six sides in the space of 5 weeks – Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal and Tottenham again. Whilst there is the double fixture in GW29, it’s not favourable opposition at all, and it is followed by a blank in GW30. They do have a very good home fixture against Norwich in GW31, but the fixtures surrounding it are not ideal, so Brighton players are currently in the “1 week punt” category right now. They do have 1 game to be rescheduled, but that’s against Manchester City at the Etihad – not really something to look forward to.

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