Brawl Stars Payload Guide: Best brawlers, tips and tricks

Brawl Stars, in the March 2022 update, have released Season 11, Biodome and introduced two new game modes, Payload and Wipeout. In this Brawl Stars Payload guide, we will take a look at the best brawlers for this game mode. We would also share some tips and tricks that will help players get better at this game mode.

Payload is a 3v3 game mode, in which two teams battle out to move their carts, known as Payload to the endpoint while preventing the enemies. Each team has one payload which they have to push to the end of the rails before their enemy is able to do so.

Brawl Stars Payload Guide: Gameplay Mechanics

These are the gameplay mechanics related to the Payload mode in Brawl Stars.

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  • Standing near the payload pushes it forward, while standing next to the enemies payload stops it and slow down their progress. The game ends, when a team pushes their payload to the end of the rails.
  • If none of the teams are able to push their payloads to the endpoint in the regulation time of  two minutes, the game goes into overtime. During overtime, the speed of the carts increases. If both teams still fail to achieve the objective after completion, the winning team is decided, by which the carts have been pushed further.
  • Standing behind the payload prevents brawlers from taking damage and acts as shield for brawlers.

Brawl Stars Payload Guide: Tips and Tricks

In this section of the guide, we will discuss some tips and tricks in the Brawl Stars Payload mode.

  • Having more brawlers in the vicinity of the payload, does not increase the speed of the payload. Hence, it is advisable to have only one player push the payload, while the other two keeps the enemies at bay.
  • When trying to stop the enemy from reaching their payload to complete their progress, it is better to stop them, by spawn trapping them or creating constant pressure, rather than standing near their payload.
  • Payload functions in a similar way to the minecarts from Gem Grab. Therefore, it is necessary to stay clear of its path to avoid taking damage and getting knocked back. Placing spawners like Nita’s bear and Pam’s turret will damage them. Therefore, one should not place them near the path of the payload.
  • Players must avoid auto-aimed shots, as there is a high chance of the auto-aim hitting the payload, when enemies are circling around the payload.
  • Pushing the payload towards the start is important, as the middle path. This is where, the two opposing payloads meet is a crucial phase, where gaining any sort of lead will be advantageous. 
  • When aiming attacks and supers with delays, players must pay close attention to the payloads’ path, as it may block the attack.  

Best brawlers for the Payload mode

In Payload mode, the maps are cramped due to the presence of a lot of walls. Due to the cart brawlers, they have high health and are good for pushing the payload, while brawlers who deal high damage or have a high area of effect thrive. Brawlers with knock-back and slow abilities are also a must in the team to stop the enemy from advancing, while throwers are viable.

  • Squeak: Squeak, though the strongest brawler in the current meta, is a strong pick, as his attacks can stick to the payload. Since, the radius of his attack are large. They can force the enemies to retreat or damaging and slowing the enemy.
  • Dynamike: Being a thrower, Dynamike can lob shots over the payload, making it very hard to counter him. He has one of the highest damage dealing attacks, and his gadget Satchel Charge which stuns the enemy, making him a menace for the opposing brawlers.
  • Jacky: High health, good damage potential and the ability to deal damage from behind the payload makes him Jacky as one of the best options to pick in Payload. With her super, she can also interrupt enemy attacks.
  • Bibi: High health, great mobility, ability to knockback and hitting from behind the payload makes it almost impossible to not pick Bibi.
  • Gale: Gale’s Super is extremely useful for stopping advancing heavyweights and pushing enemies away, from either payloads. He also has a high damaging attack, which covers a big area with a decent range. His Star Power can keep enemies stunned, making it easier to kill them and his gadget Twister acts as a detterant for enemies.
  • Emz: Emz has a widespread piercing attack. She can take control of choke points, keeping enemy at bay and her super can slow down enemies from even behind the payload.
  • Griff: With the recent buffs, Griff is one of the best counters to tanks and other high health brawlers. He has a very wide super which can cover a large part of the map, giving the team control of the map.
  • Fang: Fang is a strong brawler who thrives in solo battles and has high mobility with his super. His gadget Roundhouse kick stuns opponent brawlers, which comes in handy to stop them from scoring.

That’s all about the Payload mode in Brawl Stars!

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