Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips to beat the World 9

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG game is a new addition to the famous Cookie Run RPG game series. This game is about building a dream Cookie Kingdom while fighting against evil desert monsters. here’s a Cookie Run Kingdom guide on how to beat world 9!

World 9 is the first hard world in the game, and where most beginners will find themselves stuck. Each stage costs 12 stamina jellies. The most difficult enemies here are Wafflebots (constantly pushes back your cookies), Salt Shakers (fast health regeneration rate), and Strawberry Crepe (the final boss for World 9). Here’s a Cookie Run Kingdom guide on how to beat world 9!

If you find yourself getting defeated in the early stages of the world (For example, stages 9-01 to 9-05), then your team is probably under-leveled. Generally, you’d want all the cookies in your team to be at least Level 40 for this world.

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If you’re low on XP jellies at the moment, that’s okay! You can clear Tropical Soda Island stages or Tower of Sweet Chaos trays in the meantime to gather resources. However, if your team is decently leveled and you’re still struggling with this stage, then make sure you’re using a good team composition. A more in-depth article about team comps can be found here. Make sure you’re using a proper team comp and treasures. World 9 Dark Mode requires a higher leveled team, and to beat it you’ll need to use cookies that are around Level 48.

This world is notorious for its Wafflebots, which can push away your tank, leaving your middle cookies vulnerable. Generally, the cookies in the middle are the ones with the lowest HP and DEF, so they might die easily to enemy attacks. Additionally, middle cookies are usually your main attackers, so if your attackers die then you won’t deal enough damage and you’ll lose the stage.

1. Use Summoner Cookies

A good strategy for this world is to use a team that has Pumpkin Pie cookies or Licorice Cookie. Either can work and using them has different benefits.

pumpkin pie cookie
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Pumpkin Pie Cookie summons Pompon, which is a very tanky creature that lasts for a long period and deals a decent amount of damage. Pumpkin Pie uses Whole Almonds since she’s more fragile than most epic cookies, but if you want Pompon to have a higher attack, a topping set mixture of three Searing Raspberries and two Whole Almonds is also viable, with at least 20% DMG Resist in substats.

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Liquorice Cookie summons three minions for a shorter period (Use Swift Chocolate toppings on him, preferably with some DMG Resist substats, so he summons more frequently. You can also use the Seamstress’s Pincushion treasure so summoned creatures will have a longer spawn time.) and applies a 20% DEF increase to your whole team. He is more reliable than Pumpkin Pie since he has three liquorice minions, while Pompon can get knocked back a lot and leave your team vulnerable at times.

2. Use Cookies that can stall Enemies

Another thing you should do is to use a cookie that can keep enemies at bay. There are a lot of cookies that can do this in the game. A list of examples are:

  • Frost Queen Cookie (freezes)
  • Latte Cookie (applies Silence Debuff)
  • Sea Fairy Cookie (stuns)
  • Cotton Cookie (stuns)
  • Tiger Lily Cookie (stuns)
  • Cherry Bomb Cookie (stuns)
  • Espresso Cookie (pushes back the enemies)
  • Mango Cookie (pushes back the enemies)

These cookies help buy you some time while you wait for your next skill attack to load. Since you’re using these cookies to stall enemies, you’d want them to cast their skill as often as possible, so try to use Swift Chocolate toppings on them, or at least make sure they have a lot of CD substats.

Frost Queen Cookie freezes enemies for two seconds and applies the freezing damage debuff, which applies heavy damage to enemies within range. However, the extra damage doesn’t apply to boss enemies, she’s not used for boss stages in the game.

frost queen cookie
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Latte Cookie applies the Silence debuff, which immobilizes enemies and applies damage over time. You can use Searing Raspberries on her if she’s one of your main DPS cookies, but if you’re using her as support then you can use Swift Chocolate instead so she’ll be able to stall enemies more often.

Sea Fairy Cookie has a three-second stun and also provides great damage. She’s hard to get in the gacha though, so using other Epic cookies with stunning abilities is a good alternative. If you don’t have the Epic cookies listed above, then you can also use Cherry Bomb cookies. She’s one of the best Rare cookies in the game!

sea fairy cookie
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Mango and Espresso Cookie have a knockback effect that pushes enemies away from your cookies, saving your cookies from melee damage. However, it’s worth noting that they aren’t A-list cookies, so you shouldn’t invest in them too much especially late-game.

3. Turn off the Auto mode

When you’re stuck on a particularly hard level, make sure to turn off Auto gameplay and play on x1 or x1.2 speed, so you can time your attacks a lot better. You’d want to activate your healing skill only when your team needs it and to spread your attacks so you won’t use a high-damage skill on enemies that only have a sliver of HP left. Additionally, if you’re using Vampire Cookie, you’d want to make sure the rearmost enemy is the boss since sometimes the enemies move around and you can target an undesired enemy.

Playing on Auto means the game just casts the skills whenever possible, and the AI won’t be able to use strategic timings unlike a real person playing the game. Sometimes, a seemingly hard stage can be easily beaten just by using proper timing. Examples of particularly tough stages that you’d want to use manual gameplay for are 9-13, 9-15, 9-21, 9-22, and 9-30.

4. Prepare your Team according to the Boss Stages

There are a handful of boss stages in this game, with some notable examples being 9-15 and 9-30. In boss stages, you’d want to use a different team than usual. Good cookies for boss stages are:

Cookie Run Kingdom World 9
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  • Dark Choco Cookie (decreases enemy DEF by 20%, and the effect can stack too.)
  • Vampire Cookie (single target, attacks the rear-most enemy, good with the Pilgrim’s Slingshot treasure)
  • Raspberry Cookie (single target, attacks the enemy with the highest ATK stat)
  • Eclair Cookie (applies a stackable Weakness Debuff, which increases the number of damage enemies receive)
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie (deals a lot of damage to the two front-most enemies, and is also useful against cookies or cookie bosses)

Remember to equip Pilgrim’s Slingshot as one of your treasures, since it’s one of the best treasures for fighting boss stages.

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