Epic Seven Character Tier List for April 2022

Epic Seven is one of the most played RPG games developed by Super Creative Studios and published by Smilegate. Epic Seven is a game that is suitable for anyone because Epic Seven is an RPG game where you do not need to spend your money on it to improve the heroes. Here is our Epic Seven tier list of characters based on their stats and abilities to give you insight on what to pick for your party for April 2022.

With over 200 characters provided in the game, players will sometimes feel lost about who to pick for their party in battle. But we already pick the best heroes for you to pick or at least for you to get from your summoning. We will provide you with a tier list of some characters that will help you decide what hero to choose and to add to your party.

Epic Seven Character Tier List for April 2022

In this tier list, we will give you a good insight about them in the Epic Legacy hero tier list and we will give you a good insight about the best hero that is recommended to put into your roster. There will 4 tiers (S, A, B, C) based on each type. We will also provide the best heroes among all heroes included in this tier list to help you consider your lineup in battle.

Tier Knight Warrior Mage Ranger Soul Weaver Thief
Strong (S) Krau Lena,
Sol Badguy
Luluca Bellona Tamarinne Arbiter Vildred
Good (A) Tywin,
Fallen Cecilia  
Serila Landy,
Achates, Diene Sez,
Fair (B) Lilias, Arowell Luna, Dingo Mercedes, Milim Cerise,
Asassin Coli, Karin,
Weak (C) Senya Camilla Adlay,
Ainos Hataan
Epic Seven Character Tier List for April 2022

The below picks are the best characters that are worth your time to farm and upgrade to their maximum levels. The effect of their presence in the battle is the factor that makes these characters recommended to add to your roster. Here, we will give a good insight into the recommended characters.

1. Krau

Image via Smilegate Megaport

Krau is great as a tank while also being a threat. He provides team defense Buff, a basic skill that can Provoke, and an ignore defense attack on his skill 3, which also gives a barrier. He can pretty much kill most characters when he is low on health.


  • Becomes a beast when his health is above 15k
  • His third skill penetrate enemy defense and dealing damage based on the health he lost
  • Tanky with barrier and can provoke the enemy
  • Has AoE team defense buff


  • Relies on how low his health is to deal good damage
  • Not a big threat when he is not focused

2. Luluca

luluca epic seven
Image via Smilegate Megaport

Most mages are attack-oriented, but Luluka can play both offense and defense with defensive breaks and defensive buffs. In addition to her high base attack, if you build her primarily with attack and critical rate/damage, she can really work with attacks. She also has a high base defense. She can receive hits several times, especially with the defense buff raised.


  • High both defense and attack
  • Versatile Mage
  • AoE attack breaks the enemy’s defense
  • Give team barrier buff


3. Mercedes

mercedes epic seven Epic Seven Tier List
Image via Smilegate Megaport

When she’s powered up, Mercedes will get a new buff called Immense Power. It increases her ATK by 15%. Magic for Friends, her own exclusive artifact, decreases the damage she takes via a critical hit by 25%, and when she’s attacked without it being her turn.


  • Her attacks are AoE attacks
  • Skill 3 has AoE attack buff
  • Has her own exclusive artifact (Magic for Friends)
  • Once powered up, she can revive herself for 50%


  • Needs to be powered up to fully activate her potential (can be powered up after completing story episodes 3 10-10)
  • Low base health
  • Does not have any debuffs

4. Achates

achates epic seven
Image via Smilegate Megaport

Achates offers an AoE cleanse on the third skill, a barrier/invincibility on a single target also a small heal and attack down on her basic attack. Due to her invincibility, she also can become a tank healer.


  • AoE cleanse with a very short cooldown when skilled up
  • Has attack down debuff, useful for fighting bosses


  • No debuff immunity
  • Low base health

5. Luna

luna-full epic seven Epic Seven Tier List
Image via Smilegate Megaport

Luna‘s third skill has a defense break. Her second skill is a passive that gives a 20 to 30% crit chance, and also attacks above 50% health, thus lowering the gear requirements for her to reach her full damage potential. You only need a 70% crit rate to get her to crit all the time. The special thing about her is that a dual attack reduces her cooldown even faster, combining her with these heroes, Taranor Guard, Kitty Clarissa, or Tamarinne can really make her shine even more.


  • A well-rounded attacker with strong burst damage
  • Scales very well with a team that enhances dual attack chance
  • Easy to gear with lower crit rate and attack requirements


  • No AoE attack
  • First skill RNG could be annoying when not soulburned
  • The long cooldown on the third skill


cerise epic seven
Image via Smilegate Megaport

Cerise is the perfect end game unit for most players. She is a utility attacker that focuses on disrupting the enemy. She already has a highspeed base, so she can easily out-speed any enemy she will meet.


  • She is a ranger with crowd control
  • She can dual attacks when her third skill is on cooldown
  • Can prevent the enemy from gaining combat readiness (CR) and speed debuff from her third skill, she also gets invincibility
  • Good base speed


  • Need speed set equipment to be effective
  • Relies on debuff to be effective

Final Thoughts

All heroes in Epic Seven have their own strengths and weaknesses, the tier list above and the party recommendation are just for the basic party formation. Understanding the heroes and what equipment should be put on them is the key to building the ultimate party. You will find more heroes that will be suitable for you outside the table above in the game, as long you read the skill that the hero has, you can decide who you should pick next or who you should put in the same party with.

What do you think about this Epic Seven Character Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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