Exorcist in Island Character Tier List for March 2022

Exorcist in Island is an exciting RPG based on a famous webtoon of the same name. The game will let you feel the terror of demons in Jeju Island, and your task is to destroy their presence to bring peace to Jeju. You will form a 4 members team that will help you in this challenging task. There are 14 heroes that you can add to your roster. In this tier list, we will give players an insight about heroes in Exorcist in Island that worth is the time to grind and the best-recommended hero that players may want to add to the roster.

All of them are unique heroes as you can nurture them from common rate into SSR rate. While each hero has its own ability and skills, it is worth knowing that some hero among these 14 is best recommended based on their effects during the battle. In order to give you good insight, we will guide you in this tier list.

Exorcist in Island Character Tier List for March 2022

In this tier list, we will give you insight into about 14 characters in Exorcist in Island and we will give some insight into which hero that worth your time. There will 4 tiers (S, A, B, C) and we will give you the best-recommended hero that you can add to your team. Adding, there will be also suggestions for best-recommended heroes that you can try in your roster to finish the quest in no time.

Tier Heroes
Strong (S) Puppeteer Seraph,
Winter Storm Yujin,
Lero the Inquisitor,
Devil Eater Boris
Good (A) Shaman Harang,
Aikawa the Taoist,
Zenan the Dark,
Johan the Holiest,
Summoner Kyoichi
Average (B) Defender Haena,
Red Blade Mochi,
Oxana the Ruler,
Immortal Suki
Weak (C) Ghost Sword Juho,
Zenan the Dark

The below picks are the best heroes that are worth your time to farm and upgrade them to their maximum levels. The effect of their presence in the battle is the factor that makes these heroes recommended to add to your roster. Here, we will give a good insight into the recommended characters.

Puppeteer Seraph

Image via Gamepub

Seraph is your favorite support. She will inflict massive damage while also supporting your teammate. Her breath of nightmare will deal massive damage to enemies, while her Sooting dolls will recover your teammate’s soul power while decreasing their cooldown by 20 percent.

Winter Storm Yujin

Winter Storm Yujin in Exorcist in Island
Image via Gamepub

Yujin is the second strongest support that you can rely on. She can inflict damage while decreasing enemies’ defense. She can form an ice wall that could protect her teammate and absorb 205% attacks from enemies. One of her unique abilities is Cold Wave, when she will increase her teammate’s damage by 12 % if the fire element is applied.

Lero the Inquisitor

Lero the Inquisitor in Exorcist in Island
Image via Gamepub

Lero’s heresy inquisition maybe look only strong as a tank, but she will inflict 156% percent magic damage while decreasing enemies’ magic defense by 12% for 12 seconds. She can increase your teammate’s magic defense by her Fruit of Faith.

Shaman Harang

Shaman Harang in Exorcist in Island
Image via Gamepub

You can get Harang right at the beginning of the game. Harang is great support since she can taunt enemies and make them attack her and ignore your other teammate. Her Protection Pray will also protect your teammate by giving them a shield that will last 6 seconds.

Aikawa the Taoist

Aikawa the Taoist in Exorcist in Island
Image via Gamepub

Aikawa is the best damage dealer that you can add to your team. His Phantom Carnival will inflict 237 % physical attack while decreasing the enemy physical attack.

Final Thoughts

Having a good insight of heroes in Exorcist in Island will be important as you can think about your preferable formation. As most of the recommended heroes are support-type heroes, it implies that you might need 2 supports in your team in order to give your tank and damage dealer an easier way during the battle. However, better to stick to instincts and choose the best heroes!

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