Flash Party Character Tier List for March 2022

Flash Party is a platform fighting game where you can fight your opponents in a variety of multi-platform arenas. There is quite a various and diverse cast of characters and heroes in Flash Party. Here is our tier list of characters to give you insight on who to pick for battles in Flash Party for March 2022.

Flash Party Character Tier List for March 2022

The tier list provided here should only be taken as a reference because the game has various modes and some characters may outperform others or are suited for a very particular role. This is an overall tier list based on the character’s viability and overall usefulness in the game.

Tier Heroes
Overpowered (S+) Chilli,
Kamiki Yuri
Strong (S) Tina,
Mr. 5
Good (A) Sivi,
Average (B) Mikko,
Weak (C) Alice,

Since upgraded characters gain additional stat bonuses, the above list is presented while ignoring that stat bonus. Some factors regarded in this tier list are the Heroes’ moveset, their hitboxes, their recovery, and many more.

Best meta characters in Flash Party for March 2022

These are the Heroes with the most advantageous stats and abilities in Flash Party as of March 2022. Due to the game not having a typing or category for its Heroes, we recommend you to choose between these three characters.



An actual broken Hero as considered by many players. She has a small hitbox, attack moves that are hard to deal with, run across the stage while laying traps, and is generally a menace. But of course, you will need to train to be able to use the character effectively, since her Neutral Special is correlated with her Down Special.

Kamiki Yuri

kamiki yuri flash party

A superfast Hero that moves and attacks like the wind. Not only does her moveset completely makes her able to face any kind of situation, such as her Neutral Special called Windmill that covers range attack, she can also collect orbs called Animus that allow her to move even faster and deal more powerful damage.

The more Animus you collect, the more combo you can do. This makes her a real headache to deal with. Additionally, her Animus can be picked by allies and enemies that will generally heal them for 2% of HP points. However, this shouldn’t be an issue if you train well enough.


tina flash party

Also a fast and agile Hero. She has everything you need to win the match such as quick attacks, a great set of recovery, high Knockout potential, and good combos. Since players can get her pretty easily early on in the game by collecting 15 Star points, we recommend newcomers to pick her.

Final Thoughts

Of course, the recommended meta Heroes will only be as effective as how much you know how to play them. We recommend you regularly use the training menu and features of the game to master the Heroes and completely dominate the stage.

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