Football Battle – Touchdown! Beginners Guide and Tips

Football Battle – Touchdown! is an American football-themed card game. From the house of Miniclip, it takes users through a multiplayer Football World experience across all major American Football competitions that take place annually. It is a pretty fun game and a must-try if you are an American Football fan. In this Football Battle – Touchdown beginners guide, we will do a detailed walkthrough of this newly launched title and share some valuable tips from our experience of playing the game. 

Football Battle stands on three fundamentals: Attack, Defend and Score. To survive and move up the leagues, you have to win games and earn trophies. Though it is a team game, you can individually play a decisive role in each match. The format is pretty simple.

To play games, you need to navigate to the Play Tab. You can access you’re already played and soon-to-be played games over there. You can choose any of those upcoming fixtures and tap on them to enter the game. Whilst your opponent is offline, you can flip the cards by tapping on the Attack button.

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Each flip consumes Energy and in turns rewards you with valuable skills in the slots. You may earn experience points, gold, energy, and ball possession that would help you conquer Touchdowns and win Yard Points that would place you ahead of your opponent even before the match starts. When the match goes live on the stipulated date and time, you can provide Assists. The gameplay is essentially the same as Attacking but you get specific bonus points for Assistance.

Understanding the in-game Resources

With each flip, the game rewards us with loads of in-game resources in the card slots. Let us now do a complete breakdown of them.

  • Cones: Each time a cone is flipped, Experience Points are earned that help you level up. If a cone appears in all 3 slots, bonus points are earned.
  • Yard Points: Yard Points help you gain a lead in ongoing and to-be-played games by helping you regain ball possession. However, if they do not appear in all 3 slots, EXP points are added to your tally.
  • Energy: Energy is to be consumed while going for Attacks/Assists. If they appear in all 3 slots, 1x energy gets added to your tally. You are gifted with 5x free energy each hour.
  • Gold: It is the basic and only in-game currency of the game. Daily 1x Gold is given as Free login reward. Additionally, you can earn gold by flipping if all 3 card slots turn out to be Gold. You can purchase energy if you run out of it during a Live match.
  • Helmets: Helmets are an in-game item that helps you block a shot if your opponent looks to score while attacking. There are only 3 slots for Helmets after which it gets converted to 1x Energy. Each block deducts 1x Helmet from your tally.
  • American Football: Whenever the ellipsoidal ball turns up in all 3 slots, you get a chance to beat your opponent’s defense. You just need to tap on the slot where you want to place the ball. If and when your opponents run out on Helmets, you get a chance to break their defense and earn Yard points that add to your lead.  It would also account for Exp deduction from your opponent’s tally.

Additionally, three Gift packs might also turn up in the slots as you look to Attack. You may send a Gift to your teammates in the form of Yard Points, EXP points, and Energy. We would suggest you prefer gifting Yard points as that would contribute to your team’s overall tally.

In-game Competitions

Competitions are your gateway to rise up the ranks on the leaderboard and also to take your team to a Higher Division. The game features all the major American Football Competitions going on around the world. All competitions are free to play. The premiere competitions that got a feature in this title are:

  • National Bowl.
  • Continental Bowl.
  • Champion’s Bowl.
  • League.
  • World Division (You would be matched based on your current Global ranking and the Division you are placed at).

However, you may be restricted to participate in some initially, based on your show in the other competitions.

Here are some bonus cheats from our side that can help you level up as well as simultaneously go up the Divisions.

1. Choose your Team wisely

Initially, when you launch the game for the first time, the game asks you to choose a team, you want to join. You may choose to join an existing team or create your own saga by kick-starting a new team. Starting a new team is not a bad idea but you would need players that devote enough time to the game each day, to join your side. It’s all about the Team at the end of the day. If you have to win competitions and move up the Divisions, you need a strong foundation.

team Football Battle - Touchdown! Beginners Guide
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Hence, we suggest you start by joining an existing team and that too by properly reviewing their track record. Initially, only Teams from the 9th or 10th Division would show up but you can always check on their Team History before joining. Try looking for teams who have a great track record and teammates who are at a higher position on the leaderboard.

You may also look for trophies (if the team has won any) by just tapping on the Team ID and navigating to the Hall of Fame Tab. Choosing an active side initially is better than jump-shipping later. Additionally, you and your Teammates should unanimously take a call on removing in-active players from the Team. There are no use keeping players on the Team if they do not contribute to the Team’s winning cause.

2. Do not miss out on the Daily Rewards

daily rewards
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Make sure that you log in each day. The game rewards you with loads of free Experience Points, Energy, and Gold every day for free. Once you log in, these resources get added to your tally. While Experience Points come real handy in leveling up, Energy helps you to Attack/Assist in games and earns loads of other resources and the much-needed Yard Points that gain you the lead in competitive games. So look to cash on the free deals daily and not miss out on them.

3. Do not skip Training

training Football Battle - Touchdown! Beginners Guide
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As a beginner, you should next look forward to making optimum utilization of the Training section of this game. It would not just get you a hang of the basics of the game, but also double up your Experience Points rewards in the game. It is therefore one of the checkpoints that you must visit if you want to level up quickly.

4. Attack whilst your opposition team is Offline

As discussed earlier, Football Battle is all about Attack, Defend, and Score. Leveling up can be accelerated by taking part in Competitive games. The more you play, the more experience points you gain. It is always handy to keep a lead in Yard points in to-be-played games.

opposition team
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You can just log in a day before the game goes live and whilst your opposition team is offline, you can make full use of the situation by quickly navigating to the Play tab and constantly smashing the Attack button. It not only adds up to your experience points tally but also adds up to the Yard Point score that gives your side an edge over the opposition team by getting you the ball possession.

Additionally, you must ensure to keep all 3 Helmet slots full. When your opponent player comes online, he would look to Attack too. Keeping the helmet slots full ensures that at least the first 3 passes would be blocked by your Defense. Hence your lead won’t be given away that easily.

5. Assist whilst your teammates are going for a touchdown

Although it is a team game, you alone can play a decisive role in each game. Make sure to log in immediately when the match goes live. You will be notified about the same via Push-Notifications. You will find that the Attack button has been replaced by the Assist button now.

Smashing the assist button essentially serves the same purpose. The game is split across several halves with each half lasting for 2.5 minutes. To win the game, you need to capitalize on each 2.5-minute window. Keep smashing the Assist button and earn the valuable Yard points by passing the ball to your teammate once the American Football turns up in all 3 slots.

If you are in excess of Yard Points as compared to your opposition at the end of those 2.5 minutes, your team gets a chance to go for a Touchdown! Each Touchdown scored adds 7 points to your Team’s tally and hence even when not on the Attack, you can contribute largely to your team in winning games. You can also earn bonus experience points when your team scores a Touchdown that would help you level up.

6. Save your Gold currencies

The only in-game currency in this game happens to be Gold. It can buy you Energy in exchange for it. Do not spend them on Energy initially. Each day when you log in, you are rewarded with 1x Gold. Mathematically speaking, the chances of all 3 card slots turning out to be Gold when you flip the cards are 1 in 100 flips.

Hence besides being the only in-game currency, it is also rare to be seen. Do spend them tactfully. Do not spend them when you run out of Energy while Attacking in a to-be-played match or during Training. Every hour rewards you with 5x Energy.

gold currencies Football Battle - Touchdown! Beginners Guide
Image via Miniclip

Additionally, when you level up by collecting a certain amount of EXPs, each time you are rewarded with 25x Energy. You get rewarded with Energy even when you end up on the losing side in a match. Hence, do not spend the Gold currency unnecessarily. If you run out of energy, you can always come back after an hour and attack.

However, during a Live Match, if your energy gets extinguished while Assisting, you have no other option but to go for the Exchange Deal. Save your Gold currencies for that situation since you cannot afford to let go of the match just due to lack of Energy.

Final Thoughts

Miniclip never fails to amaze us with its content. Deviating from the trend followed by other sports games, the Developers at Miniclip have turned this American Football based game into a unique card game format. Football Battle can be extremely exciting for American Football fans and fun to play the game for others. The only negative that can be spotted in the initial days is the Energy refill time. Energy burns up within 5 minutes and only 5 are refilled each hour.

Initially, you may survive by not spending your Gold currencies but you eventually have to in Live matches if you are to win them. Hence, you have to invest money in this game at some point in time, if you want to go up the ranks. There is no way in which you can earn more Gold currencies. Leaving this aside, it is a fun-to-play card game and at the end of the day, that is why we play mobile games. If you face difficulties in your journey with Football Battle – Touchdown, you can always refer to this Beginners Guide for quick assistance.

That’s it from this Football Battle – Touchdown Beginners Guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Football Battle – Touchdown beginners guide useful. 

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