Haunted Dorm Beginners Guide and Tips

Haunted Dorm is an exciting horror strategy game that will make you feel the thrill and heavy atmosphere in order to overcome your fear. You have to protect your dream from the dream hunter and escape from the nightmare in your sleep. Here in this beginners guide, we will give you a good insight about Haunted Dorm and simple tips in order to defeat the hunter and have a nice dream.

You will work together with another player to defeat the hunter by setting barricades and setting your bedroom into an impenetrable fortress. You can plant a bunch of weapons, a set of towers to enhance them while sleeping. However, the longer you survive, the stronger the hunter as well. Therefore, it is important for you to plan every single step so you can stand even after all of your teammates have eliminated, and left you alone.

Introducing the Basics of Haunted Dorm

Game Mechanism

In this game, you will live with five other players in one haunted dormitory where each night, the night hunter will sneak into the dormitory and haunt each player and give them nightmares. You will have 30 seconds to pick your bedroom before the arrival of the dream hunter. You have to sleep in order to produce golds that you can use to build weapons, strengthen your doors, as well as upgrade them.

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Dream Hunter can shift into berserk mode, and its attack will deal more damage and it can deal two simultaneous attacks at once, and eventually force its way through your dormitory. If you manage to defeat the hunter, you will get more coins that you can use to buy black tech weapons, high-tech weapons, or purchase enhanced items in the honey badger store in the props store right at the start game screen.


Before you start the game, there will be a special announcement about the rules in the dormitory. You can use this to guide through the night and save you from a dream hunter.


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So far, you can only play as dormitory residents. There are 6 different characters that you can unlock by watching short ads before using them.

Prop Store

Prop Store
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Every time you manage to win or defeat in a haunted dorm, you will gain tokens that you can use to buy advanced weapons in the prop store since these are limited items and they have no infinite amount during the games. You can bring more than one advanced tool in order to ensure your victory but each tool has its own price, so watch your money.

Haunted Dorm Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Pick a Bedroom that is surrounded by another Resident

One of the most important things to do in Haunted Dorm is to pick your bedroom before the night hunter comes. Therefore, you have to pick the best spot where you have another resident around your bedroom so you don’t have to face the hunter alone.

Pick a bedroom
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The weapons have a particular range, so once the hunter comes to your room, another resident’s weapons will automatically shoot it at a particular range and poke its HP.

2. Upgrade your Bed to produce more Gold

Do not rush yourself to invest your gold in weapons if your gold production is not high enough. Prioritize your gold to upgrade the bed to increase your gold production. The higher your bed level, the higher your requirement need in order to upgrade your bed.

upgrading your bed to produce more golds
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At first, it will only need you to upgrade your gate. Until some certain points, it will also need you to have enough thunders in order to upgrade it. So, make sure that you have enough generators to produce enough thunders in no time.

3. Use CCTV to watch other players

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You can use CCTV located above to watch another player’s progress. You have to keep in mind that fewer residents will increase the risk of hunters attacking you. With this CCTV, you can maintain your step and upgrade plans.

4. Watch Ads to upgrade your Door

Once in the game, the system will offer you short ads in order to upgrade your door for free. However, do not rush yourself to use this at the beginning of the game. It is wise to use it once you want to upgrade into gate 5 in order to unlock the advanced bed that will need 500 golds.

5. Always accept the Triple Take

Triple Take
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After you manage to defeat the dream hunter, you will gain more advanced items that you can use in the next game and some amount of gold. Later, you will be offered to have triple take, where you will gain another gold in exchange for short ads. Make sure that you take this so you will have more coins that you can use to purchase more advanced tools.

Final Thoughts

Haunted Dorm is an exciting game that combines strategy and horror in one game. It will take time for you to get used to the upgrade pattern that matches your gold production so you will know to prioritize the upgrade accordingly. There is no significant difference in each character since they are only distinguished based on their design, however, you can still choose different characters to add more fun.

That’s all for today’s Haunted Dorm beginners guide. Did you find our Haunted Dorm beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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