How to beat Golden Wolflord with Tips

Many Travelers attempting to complete the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact 2.5 must defeat the Golden Wolflord monster. It is notoriously known for wasting a player’s time, notably if they prefer melee-based DPS units. Any time spent in the Spiral Abyss detracts from the player’s ability to earn three stars in this section (and players want to get the maximum amount for the free Primogems).

Golden Wolflord (Image via miHoYo)

Genshin Impact players can acquaint themselves with the Golden Wolflord’s attack patterns and practice various tips. This boss can be found on Tsurumi Island, apart from Genshin Impact 2.5‘s Spiral Abyss.
The big terrible enemy can be eye-catching as it flies about the arena like a flying snake-dog, but it has a few irritating elements that players must face.

To begin with, it has the same corrosion effect as the Rifthound monsters introduced in Version 2.2, gradually decreasing the health of your whole party every time you are struck. If you’re having problems, we’ve got you covered with all the information you’ll need.

Go for the Burst as soon as the Shields are down

If the Golden Wolflord is down and not doing anything, Genshin Impact players can hurl all they have at it. It’s preferable to perform this once the adjacent Rifthound Skulls have been destroyed (preferably with a Geo character).

Genshin Impact guide: How to beat golden wolflord
Image via miHoYo

Otherwise, they’d have to wait for it to come near and hope the boss misses its dash strike, but in this situation, the boss won’t stay down for long. This technique is effective for melee-based DPS troops (such as Eula), as they won’t be able to strike the Golden Wolflord very often otherwise.

Have a ranged attacker in the unit

When the Golden Wolflord is flying many feet above their heads, most melee fighters will struggle to hit it. As a result, Catalyst and Bow users will be handy in this battle. Genshin Impact players can still include a Sword, Polearm, or Claymore user in their party, but they must also have a long-range fighter in their lineup. If the player only has four melee-based characters, the combat will drag on and waste time that the player doesn’t want to waste.

Healers to counteract the effects of Corrosion

Genshin Impact guide: how to beat golden wolflord
Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact players will occasionally be unable to beat a boss swiftly or evade every strike. They will most likely be afflicted with Corrosion, a status ailment that depletes their HP over time in these situations. Shields do not protect players against Corrosion damage, whereas any healing ability will help the squad stay alive longer.

Use Geo characters

Genshin Impact guide: how to beat golden wolflord
Image via miHoYo

When it comes to eliminating the Rifthound Skulls attached to this boss’s shields, Geo is the most effective element. If the player does not bring a Geo unit during this phase of the conflict, It will come down to two options:

  • Defeat the boss before the Rifthound Skulls appear.
  • You can finish the war without a Geo unit, but you’ll lose time.

If players wish to obtain three stars, the first method is significantly more possible, but it is not something that every player can realistically do. As a result, bringing at least one Geo user is a good idea. In terms of convenience, Ningguang is an ideal pick for this bout.

A recent video on the official Genshin Impact subreddit offers an intriguing method that may assist players in defeating the Golden Wolflord monster. Players must complete two phases to defeat this monster. When the enemy’s health dips below 50%, three Rifthound Skulls appear, which players must kill to breach the monster’s shield.

Subreddit via Tastytapy

By simply setting Zhongli‘s pillars behind the first two skulls before finishing the third with his Elemental Burst, Reddit user Tastytapy made the second phase appear to be a breeze. So, whichever option you choose, we hope the guide is useful and that you have a good hunting session.

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