How to beat «Ruin Serpent» The Chasm Boss

In the world of Genshin Impact, there is a serpent creature known as the “Ruin Serpent” The Chasm Boss, which is said to be the most powerful boss in the game. Gamers may find this challenge enticing, others may be looking for ways to unlock and defeat this daunting opponent. Luckily, we have put together a guide to help you accomplish that with our tips and tricks on how to beat the Ruin Serpent, the Chasm Boss.

Ruin Serpent: The Chasm Boss

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The giant serpent-like machine that slithers in the shadows of a mine has recently come alive for reasons unknown. Its movements look like it could be some digging device, but what matters now is how this will affect our world and its people.

“Ruin Serpent” The Chasm Boss Locations: How to unlock

 Genshin Impact Chasm Serpent
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The World Quest “Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering” will allow players to face off against the Ruin Serpent. Players can find the boss on the western side of The Chasm’s underground area, and there is a Teleport Waypoint nearby, so travelling shouldn’t affect players too much in Genshin Impact 2.6.

How to defeat Chasm Serpent Ruin Boss

We will now discuss the strategy to defeat this “Ruin Serpent” The Chasm Boss.

Genshin Impact Serpent
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1. Get Rid of Oozing Concretions

When the Ruin Serpent burrows, it leaves behind a field of dark mud and oozing concretions. Players can use their Lumenstone Adjuvant to clear out these ooze deposits around its main bulb; doing so will instantly dispel them.

2. Character List to Shield Attacks 

Players can use these characters, namely Noelle, Zhongli, Diona, Xinyan and Thoma, to protect and shield from the boss attacks. The player can simultaneously use Geo to create crystallized shields. Furthermore, Gorou is a good choice for this reaction since he can attract crystals with his Elemental Burst.

3. Siphoning Attack

The Liyue Diaries Vol 3 shows that when the Ruin Serpent spins, it may be draining energy from Oozing Concentration around it. Use Lumenstone Adjuvant to prevent this.

4. Get Energy from Geo Crystals

When the Ruin Serpent generates crystals in its arena, players can use Geo characters to destroy them and create energy particles. It’s also possible that Claymores like Noelle could do the trick.

5. Avoid the Sweeping Attack

The Ruin Serpent is readying itself for an attack, and you know what that means players will have to get away or take cover because its sweep will glide left and right. It looks like a pretty hard-to-dodge mechanic so either find some distance before taking this hit (good luck!) or bring someone with skills capable of blocking against these attacks in case they come toward you.

Final Thoughts

It’s a high-stakes game where one mistake means life or death – it’s time we play our most crucial role yet: protecting humanity from destruction at all costs. Now we have the location and the best strategy to defeat Serpent Ruin so let us get ready and destroy the monster that rampages within the Chasm.

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