How to contact customer support service

Soon after receiving its official English localization, Disney Twisted-Wonderland has gained a global fan base. From the house of Aniplex Inc, it takes players on a magical adventure at Twisted Wonderland, a new world altogether. RPG-styled battles with your favorite characters up against the Disney villains, and gripping story segments that take you through the tales of Twisted Wonderland are takeaways from this RPG Gacha game. Here’s our step-by-step Disney Twisted Wonderland guide to contacting the player/customer support team.

Though the game has been successful in delivering all the key elements that one expects from this genre, there are still a lot of issues that need to be addressed by the developers. Some fans are facing hindrances in the form of in-game bugs, data transfer issues, and in-app purchase-related problems. We want all users to have a smooth and hassle-free gaming experience without being bothered by in-game bugs.

The support team has already answered a lot of frequently asked questions on the game’s official website. But if anyone couldn’t satisfy himself, the Disney Twisted-Wonderland customer service is available to contact anytime to answer the queries from the players.

There are 3 ways to contact the customer support team of Disney Twisted-Wonderland. Players can either contact from in-game menu options, they can contact via the official website, or else they can reach out to the Developers via social media handles.

How to contact via in-game Customer Service option

Launch the game on your device. Once the in-game screen has loaded, adhere to the steps below:

  • You will find three icons to the left of your menu screen aligned, one below the other. Tap on the Tool icon which is the third and last icon from the top.
  • This would take you to a new menu with 7 menu options namely, Profile, Friends, Archive, Album, Items, Help and Settings. You need to choose the Help option by tapping on it.
Image via Aniplex
  • The Help Menu would pop up on your screen now. You will find the Help categories on the right hand side of your screen. Scroll down through the categories till you find the Support option at the end of the list. Tap on the Support option once you find it.
  • Once you do so, you will find the FAQ/Contact Form button on the Display side of the Support menu along with your Player ID displayed below it. First things first you must copy your player ID by tapping on the Install Icon beside it. You would be requiring it while filling the Support form. Next up, you should tap on the FAQ/Contact Form button.
How to Contact via in-game Customer Service Option 2
Image via Aniplex
  • This would re-direct you to the Official Support page of Disney Twisted-Wonderland. You will find that the developers have already answered a lot of Frequently Asked Questions on this web page. It is likely that you would find your exact issue there.  To search the answer for your issue, you may enter keywords relevant to the issue in the Search bar or filter the answers by scrolling down a bit and choosing the Category relevant to your issue from the Search by Category section.

Raising a Query via the Customer Support form

  • If you are not satisfied with those answers or the issue still persists for you, you need to fill in the Customer Support form. To do so, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on the Opinion/Requests button.
  • This would re-direct you to the Inquiry raising page. Scroll down to fill the Inquiry Contents. The following details would be asked from you:
  • The Title of your Query.
  • Your email address.
  • Player ID (Paste the one you copied from the Support menu).
  •  Player name.
  • OS on which you are playing and its version.
  • Internet Connection (4G/3G/2G).
  • A detailed description of your issue (Input the exact issue inside the Contents section).
  • Relevant screenshots of your issue for the Developer Team to assist you better.
How to Contact via in-game Customer Service Option 3
Image via Aniplex

Once you fill in all the details, you need to tap on the check-box beside Agree to accept all their Privacy Policy. Upon submitting, the Developer Team would get back to you at the email address provided by you, within 72 hours. You can do a follow-up in the same mail chain if required.

How to contact via Disney Twisted-Wonderland official website

Players can directly go to the official help website of Disney Twisted-Wonderland and access the customer service option from there. It could be another alternative, in the case where players are facing login problems and cannot access the in-game support option.

  • Visit official forum. It would re-direct you to the Official website of Disney Twisted-Wonderland.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the web-page. You will find the Support option there. Tap on it. This would take you to the FAQ page.
Image via Aniplex
  • To raise an inquiry, scroll down to the bottom of this page and tap on the Opinion/Requests button.
  • Next up you need to submit a Support form and the steps to do so are same as we discussed in the previous section.

How to contact the Developer team directly

Another approach could be to reach out to the Developers directly via their Social Media handles. @ @twst_english is the support Twitter handle of Disney Twisted-Wonderland for catering to the queries from users. You can even reach out to the team at @twst.english, which is the Official Facebook ID of Disney Twisted-Wonderland. Players should then do a follow-up on their Discord server, where tons of passionate fans are there to help users resolve their individual queries.

Still, facing any issues in contacting the Support Team of Disney Twisted Wonderland? Head straight to our comments section and get your queries resolved. Happy Gaming!

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