How to get the C2S5 Box Collector title

The new season of PUBG Mobile is live now. Cycle 2 Season 5 will continue for the next two months. It is also the anniversary season of PUBG Mobile. They recently celebrated the fourth anniversary of the game. The new Warframe game-themed Royal Pass month 9 is also live. With the new season, a new epic class in-game title is available in the game. This title is placed at the C2S5 cycle memory section. The name of the title is ‘C2S5 Box Collector‘. This title can be collected by completing some simple in-game tasks in the Vibrant Anniversary/Holi Dhamaka theme mode. In this article, we are going to discuss the easy ways of getting the C2S5 Box Collector title in PUBG Mobile/ BGMI.

PUBG Mobile/ BGMI C2S5 Box Collector Title: Tips and tricks

The process of getting this title is quite easy. Players can complete this achievement in just one or two matches. In simple words, players will have to collect eight different theme particles from the anniversary crates. They will have to play the Vibrant Anniversary/ Holi Dhamaka theme mode. By collecting all the particles, players will be able to collect the title. Those particles are:

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  • Snowman particle
  • Snowboard particle
  • Ancient secret particle
  • Pyramid particle
  • Infected helmet particle
  • Wood crate particle
  • Cake particle
  • Arcade machine particle

PUBG Mobile/ BGMI C2S5 Box Collector Title: Where to find the particles

Players can get those mentioned particles from the anniversary crates placed all over the map. These crates can be found in the Vibrant Plazas and Vibrant Camps. There is a total of seven vibrant camps and 2 vibrant camps available. Players can check the locations of these places from the map. In every vibrant camp, there is one crate available. In the vibrant plaza, players will get three creates. The crate is shown in the picture below.

PUBG Mobile BGMI C2S5 Box Collector Title
Image via Krafton

The odds of getting particles are random. A player can get the same particle from multiple crates. To know what vibrant camp and vibrant plaza are, one must consider following the Vibrant Anniversary guide article. To spawn the crate, players will have to press the button situated in the middle of the camp. Since these places are filled with a good amount of loot, players can expect many enemies to jump here with them. To avoid this, they must try to come to the vibrant plazas in the later stage of the game. One must carry enough healing items to tackle the play-zone damage.

PUBG Mobile BGMI C2S5 Box Collector Title
Image via Krafton

If a player is lucky enough, they will be able to complete this achievement in a single match. Players should always look for hidden enemies and campers in these locations. After collecting all the particles, one must not exit the match. If players exit the match, the particles will not be collected. Try to get killed by enemies or kill yourself using a molotov cocktail or frag grenade. By doing these steps, players can easily complete the achievement and get the C2S5 Box Collector title.

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