How to hide your Ranked mode history

The Ranked mode in Apex Legends Mobile has been the most hyped. Many players have been grinding the Ranked mode, due to the competitive environment, it brings to the table. There are a lot of features in Apex Legends Mobile, few of them even being unknown to the majority. One of such lesser-known features is the option to hide Ranked History in Apex Legends Mobile. Some players do not prefer keeping their play history visible to everyone. In this article, we shall guide players with the steps to help to hide the Ranked History.

How to hide your Ranked mode History

Step1: Head over to your profile

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On the main screen in Apex Legends Mobile, players should head over to the Profile from the Lobby, which is present on the top left of the main screen.

Step 2: Click on the Pencil-like icon

Next to the Player ID, players will be able to view a small icon that seems to look like a pencil. Then, click on the icon.

Apex legends mobile hide ranked history
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Step 3: Turn “off” the Ranking log

Once players click the icon, they will see two options below Ranking Log that says Open and Off. This remains Open by default. Turn it off by changing the option to Off. Once these steps have been followed, players will not view your Ranked History. When they try to view it, it will appear as shown in the image below:

Apex legends Mobile hide ranked history
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There are several reasons why one would want to hide their Ranked history. By Hiding the Ranked History, none of the players will view one’s recent games, the preferred Legend frequently used (if so), and the graph of one’s game style. It will prevent in getting an idea of one’s playstyle overall. This feature can come in handy for competitive players who wouldn’t like to openly display their strategies and game styles.

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