Infinity Kingdom Immortals Tier List for February 2022

Infinity Kingdom is a cartoon-style MMO strategy game that takes you in defending the land of Norheim against the invasion of the evil gnomes while also protecting yourself from other invading players. There are a lot and diverse casts of Immortals in Infinity Kingdom. For a new player, choosing good characters at the start may seem like a daunting task, so here is our Infinity Kingdom Tier List of Legend Immortals to give you insight on who to pick for your troops for February 2022.

Infinity Kingdom Immortals Tier List for February 2022

The tier list provided here should only be taken as a reference because the game has various modes and some characters may outperform others or are suited for a very particular role. This is an overall tier list based on the character’s viability and overall usefulness in the game.

Tier Fire Wind Lightning Earth Water Shadow Holy
Overpowered (S+) Empress Wu   Peter the Great Cleopatra, Arash Attila the Hun, Ramesses II Siegfried Gilgamesh
Strong (S) William I, Baldwin IV, Hannibal Barca Genghis Khan  Zenobia, Charles the Great Yoshitsune, Merlin Elizabeth Bathory Julius Caesar, Theodora
Good (A) Hippolyta Saladin Yi Seong-gye, Hammurabi   Herald III Himiko Mano Capac
Fair (B) Frederick I, Cyrus the Great, Ashoka Qin Emperor, King Arthur Richard I Charles the Great Dido Bjorn  
Weak (C)     El Cid Leonidas      
Infinity Kingdom Immortals Tier List

These are the Immortals with the most advantageous stats and abilities in Infinity Kingdom as of February 2022.

Empress Wu (Meta Fire)

Empress Wu (Image via Youzu)

With a high total base attack of 66 (19 base physical attack and 47 base magical attack), decent crit damage (32 base critical hit damage), and a high damage ability Imperial Fire (Cause magical damage rate of 306% but can go up to 600% to 1 random enemy, has a 60% chance to do equal damage to another random enemy), she is easily the most powerful fire immortal in the game. Coupling her with good defense Immortals and you’re an unstoppable flame that is burning everything in front of you.

Baldwin the IV (Meta Wind)

baldwin the 4
Baldwin the IV (Image via Youzu)

Also with a high total base attack of 63 (16 base physical attack and 47 bases magical attack), great magical penetration (40 base magical penetration), and a strong ability similar to Empress Wu, called Hurricane (Summon a Tornado that does magical damage rate of 306% but can go up to 600% to 1 enemy, with more increased damage rate by 15% but can go up to 30% for 6 seconds). The Tornado can also split up twice, with the first having a chance of 75% and the second split of 25%. This makes Baldwin the IV the most Meta Immortal for the wind element. You can do a pretty broken build given you have the right equipment.

Peter the Great (Meta Lightning)

peter the great infinity kingdom Immortals
Peter the Great (Image via Youzu)

In Infinity Kingdom, Peter the Great is definitely one of the strongest meta overall. He has a total base attack of 75 (40 base physical attack and 35 base magical attack), coupled with high crit damage (39 base critical hit damage), high magical penetration (53 base magical penetration), and a decent ability Mighty Thunder (Dispel enemy buffs and inflict physical damage rate of 165% but can go up to 550%). With Peter the Great in your party, enemies will be dealt with like flies.

Cleopatra (Meta Earth)

Cleopatra (Image via Youzu)

She should be your go-to for the most Meta Earth Immortal in the game. With a high total base attack of 63 (21 base physical attack and 42 base magical attack) together with Cleopatra’s power ability of Entangling Snakes (Do magical damage rate of 153% but can go up to 300% to all enemies and reduce the magical damage of 2 enemies with the highest magical attack by 17.9% but can go up to 35% for 6 seconds), she can easily clear the entire enemy party by herself.

Atilla the Hun (Meta Water)

atilla the hum infinity kingdom Immortals
Atilla the Hun (Image via Youzu)

With Attila the Hun’s high total base attack of 66 (40 base physical attack and 26 base magical attack), and his great ability Wild Corrosion (Inflict physical damage rate of to all enemy targets while having a 10.5% chance to reduce their physical defense and silencing them by 15% but can go up to 35% for 4 seconds), he is effectively the most powerful Water Immortal that can freeze enemies in place.

Siegfried (Meta Shadow)

siegfried infinity kingdom
Siegfried (Image via Youzu)

Another one of the most broken Immortal in Infinity Kingdom, Siegfried’s powerful ability Dragon Strike (Deal physical damage rate of 396% but can go up to a crazy 1.320% shared equally by enemy targets). Together with his already great total base attack of 62 (43 base physical attack and 19 base magical attack) and his Shadow element that is effective against 5 other elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Lightning), he can slash through many enemies easily.

Gilgamesh (Meta Holy)

gilgamesh infinity kingdom Immortals
Gilgamesh (Image via Youzu)

And the final Meta for the Holy element is Gilgamesh. With a total base attack of 66 (37 base physical attack and 29 base magical attack), it complements his powerful ability Golden Capital (Do physical damage rate of 120% but can go up to 400% to all enemies that inflicts them with an effect that does further physical damage rate of 24% but can go up to 80% every 3 seconds of a total 9 seconds). With the Holy element not weak to any other element and strong against Shadow, Gilgamesh is a force to be reckoned with.

Final Thoughts

Of course with each Meta having different elements, their effectiveness will differ depending on the elements of your team and the enemy team. Don’t forget to pick a party with an element that is most effective against your enemies’ elemental party.

What do you think about this Infinity Kingdom Immortals Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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