Kingdom Break Your Limits Event Guide and Tips

A new event has been introduced to Cookie Run: Kingdom and runs from April 6 to April 22, 2022 (GMT +9:00). The Break Your Limits event in Cookie Run: Kingdom involves completing various missions around playing in the game’s Arena mode.

While there are lots of recurring Arena events in the game, this is the one that gives the best rewards for your efforts since it gives you Light of Resolution (necessary to pull in Dark Cacao’s Nether Gacha) and Dark Cacao Soulstones. If you don’t have this Ancient cookie on your roster yet, now is your best chance to get closer to unlocking him.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Break Your Limits Event Guide

Tips for clearing the missions

A total of 35 missions are available. While each gives various rewards, they all give you an additional 50 Arena Medals after completion (Arena Medals are the currency you use for purchasing objects in the Medal Shop, the best place to get Ancient and Epic Soulstones). There are seven types of missions, and you can multi-task and try to complete some of them simultaneously. The Seven Mission types and Rewards:

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  • Compete in the Arena 10 to 80 times: Treasure Tickets
  • Win with all your cookies alive 3 to 15 times: Topping Pieces
  • Win with 30% of the total HP 1 to 5 times: Cookie cutters
  • To Win a revenge battle 1 to 5 times: Arena tickets
  • Win in the Kingdom Arena 10 to 50 times E: XP jelly
  • Reach a certain tier in Arena: Crystals
  • Complete 6 to 34 event missions: Lights of Resolution or Dark Cacao Soulstones

Make the perfect Team composition

To do the missions that require you to finish with all your cookies alive, you must be using a proper team comp. You can use two healers or tanks for extra durability. For arena, all your cookies should have at least 20% damage resistance from toppings. You can easily get this by using a Whole Almonds topping set, but if you’re using Swift Chocolate or Searing Raspberry instead, make sure you have high damage resist substats (preferably at least 4% damage resist) per topping piece.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Break Your Limits
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A reliable way to win with 30% HP is to use a Tea Knight comp. Make sure you’re using a good Tea Knight team setup and treasures (Insignia of the Indomitable Knights is a must; other good treasures to use for this team include: Blind Healer’s Staff, Miraculous Natural Remedy, Librarian’s Robes, and Old Pilgrim’s Scroll) and that your Tea Knight is equipping a set of Whole Almond’s, with at least 40% damage resist without the set effect. Avoid using healers since you want to finish with the lowest health you can.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Break Your Limits
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If you’re having trouble winning revenge battles, you can set up a low-level defense team and wait for other players to fight you; this way, you’re guaranteed to get weaker opponents and have an easier time completing the missions.

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It’s easy to finish this event. Suppose your team is really good, and you get lucky with your arena list. You can even finish most of the missions in one sitting since the event gives you enough Arena tickets (doing the win revenge battle missions would grant you more than 50 Arena tickets!) to do so. However, if you feel you can’t finish all the missions in time for the event, it’s best to focus on the missions that give topping pieces, crystals, and Lights of Resolution.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this Cookie Run Kingdom: Break Your Limits event guide useful.

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