League of Pantheons Character Tier List for February 2022

League of Pantheons features a diverse pack of Heroes for you to choose to win battles against enemies. Here is our League of Pantheons tier list of characters that can be promoted into special orange star rank (because they can go into the max level of 255) to give you insight on who to pick for your party for February 2022.

League of Pantheons Character Tier List for February 2022

The tier list provided here should only be taken as a reference because the game has various modes and some characters may outperform others or are suited for a very particular role. This is an overall tier list based on the character’s viability and overall usefulness in the game.

Tier Fire Wind Water Light Dark
Overpowered (S+)       Thor,
Strong (S) Seraph,
Sphinx, Aensland
Jormungand, Poseidon Alleria,
Divine High Priest
Good (A) Apollo,
Magma Fiend, Prometheus
Ratotski, Athena Illsya,
Fair (B) Heimdall Pan,
Weak (C) Phoenix Odin, Gai’ming Titan    
League of Pantheons Character Tier List

These are the characters with the most advantageous stats and abilities in League of Pantheons as of February 2022.

Seraph (Meta Fire)

Image via Neocraft

A battle angel carrying powerful damage along with her sword. Boosting the highest stat for a Fire Hero, her abilities such as Blade of Judgment (Deals 246% Physical Damage to the enemy with the highest Attack and 50% to silence them for 1 turn), Wrath of Justice (Dealing 374% Physical Damage to a front enemy and Increase Crit Rate by 50% and Crit Damage 20% when attacking enemies affected by Burn and Red Hot) along with Blessing of the Sun (Increase Attack by 35%, HP by 15%, Crit Damage by 10%) allows her to completely obliterate the battlefield.

Fenrir (Meta Wind)

Fenrir is a beast and a force of nature. As a Wind Hero with the highest stat, his ability of Wolf Soul Awakened (Dispels all debuffs, increase Crit Rate by 30% and Damage Resistance by 25%. Immune against all controls for 2 turns and all debuffs for 1 turn) allows him to strike first in battle and handle damage from enemies after.

fenrir league of pantheons
Image via Neocraft

The last part is important because his last ability Wolf God Fury makes him gain a Fury (Increase Attack by 3%, can be stacked for up to 10) along with Storm Sword (Casts all Fury to unleash fierce slashes. Temporarily increase Hit Rate by 30% and a possibility of doing extra slashes) and Wolf God Talent (Increase Attack by 40%, Hp by 20%, and Crit Rate by 15%) makes him the most Meta Wind Hero.

Jormungand (Meta Water)

The great summoner of snakes, Jormungand is the strongest Water Mage who has the highest stats. She deals high damage with her skills of Python Strike (Dealing 150% Magical Damage to all enemies. Damage is increased when HP is above 60% and also has a chance to reduce targets’ Crit Rate by 10% for 2 turns) and Snake Support (Summons a snake to attack 2 units ahead, dealing 220% Magical Damage with a 55% chance to Freeze them and gains a Shield that lasts for 2 turns).

jormungand league of pantheons
Image via Neocraft

Her passive of Ocean Guardian (Increase Attack by 40%, HP by 20%, and Speed by 15%) and Blue Heart (Increase Crit Rate by 20% for 1 turn if HP is 30% or higher and Increase Attack by 30% if HP is below 30%) allows her to stay on her own two feet.

Thor (Meta Light)

The mighty God of Thunder. With Light characters having a higher stat than other elements with the same class, Thor stands beyond all with his high stats. He has a shockingly powerful ability to Punishment of God (Dealing 230% Physical Damage to a front enemy and ignoring 40% of their Defense, along with 30% Leech.

thor league of pantheons
Image via Neocraft

Damage is increased by 25% if the target is affected by Conductive or Electric Shock), with a boost from his passive of Raging Thunder (Increase Attack by 35%, Crit Damage by 20%, Crit Rate by 10%) and Thunder Pursuit (Attack has a 60% chance to call down additional lightning, dealing 120% Attack Damage).

Nidhogg (Meta Dark)

The terrifying dragon, Nidhogg is the most broken Hero of them all. Holding the highest Powerpoints and highest stats. His active ability alone Dark Claw (Deals a total of 450% Physical Damage to front-row enemies with 40% chance to inflict Curse on them for 2 turns) is already a menace against enemies.

nidhogg league of pantheons
Image via Neocraft

Having additional passives of Cursed Scales (Increase Attack by 40%, Hp by 20%, and Crit Rate by 15%), Dark Form (When HP is below 50%, dispels all debuffs, restores 20% of HP, boosts Attack by 30% and Magical Damage Resistance by 20% that lasts for 4 turns.

Also grants all Dark allies a 15% Damage increase buff for 4 turns. Also makes Nidhogg immune against all control skills and turns Dark Claw into Doomsday Impact), and Curse Invasion (Attack has a 70% chance to convert 1 affected enemy buff into a Curse. Each Curse increase Damage by 5% that can go up to 25%) really makes him a walking horror that no one wants to meet face to face.

Final Thoughts

Of course with each Meta having different elements, their effectiveness will differ depending on the elements of your team and the enemy team have. Don’t forget to pick a party with an element that is most effective against your enemies’ elemental party.

Choosing two main elements will definitely be a safe bet since you can activate 2 elemental buffs at the same time that way. Since Light and Dark Heroes generally have higher stats compared to other elemental characters of the same class, it is better to create a party from a mix of these two elements.

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