Maps, Team comps and best builds

Brawl Stars Triathlon Challenge is a special in-game event that will reward players a Mega Box on winning the 9-win challenge. The other rewards which will be presented are Coins and Star Points, which are similar to other in-game special events. Players need to win 9 matches across 3 game modes, and the challenge ends at 3 losses. Friendly rules apply to this challenge. This means that players will have access to all the star powers, gadgets, and gears to keep the playing ground level. In this Brawl Stars guide, we will reveal the modes and maps for the Triathlon Challenge, which players have to participate in, along with the best brawlers and their builds.

Brawl Stars Triathlon Challenge Guide: Game Modes and Maps

Basket Ball- Reversal

Image via Brawlify

Basket Brawl maps are very cramped in the space they offer. Therefore, brawlers with a high pool of HP and those with high damaging attacks are viable in this game mode. Playing one tank is advisable, with Fang and Darryl the best options.

Team Compositions

  • Gale, Stu, Fang/Darryl
  • Bea, Griff/Max, El Primo/ Darryl

Star Powers and Gadgets

  • Darryl– Recoiling Rotator and Steel Hoops 
  • Gale– Twister and Blustery Blow
  • Bea- Honey Molasses and Honey Comb 
  • Stu – Speed Zone and Gaso-Heal
  • Fang– Roundhouse Kick and Fresh Kicks 
  • El Primo – Suplex Supplement and Meteor Rush
  • Max – Phase Shifter and Super Charged
  • Griff – Keep the Change

Damage, Shield, and Health are the best gears on the map.

Payload – Drawback

With many walls, obstacles throwers are the best options in the mid. The other two slots are filled by a tank that takes control of the payload and an aggro-brawler who stops the enemy team from advancing their payload.

Team Compositions

  • Jacky/Bibi, Barley/Dynamike, Gale
  • Poco, Bibi, Jacky/Rosa/Fang

Star Powers and Gadgets

  • Bibi – Vitamin Booster and Batting Stance
  • Jacky – Counter Crush
  • Barley – Herbal Tonic and Extra Noxious 
  • Dynamike – Satchel Charge and Demolition
  • Poco – Tuning Fork and Da Capo!
  • Rosa – Grow Light and Thorny Gloves
  • Gale– Twister and Blustery Blow
  • Fang– Roundhouse Kick and Fresh Kicks 

Damage, Shield, and Health are the best gears on the map.

Wipeout – Infinite Doom

Brawl Stars Triathlon Challenge
Image via Brawlify

Team Compositions

  • Sandy/Emz, Spike/Crow, Fang
  • Colonel Ruffs/Pam, Tara, Fang/Crow

Star Powers and Gadgets

  • Tara – Support from Beyond and Healing Shade
  • Sandy – Sweet Dreams and Healing Winds
  • Pam – Pulse Modulator and Mama’s Hug
  • Spike – Life Plant and Curveball
  • Crow – Slowing Toxin and Extra Toxic
  • Fang – Roundhouse Kick and Fresh Kicks.
  • Colonel Ruffs – Take Cover and Field Promotion
  • Emz – Friendzoner and Hype

Speed Gear is the best option with ample grass, with Damage being the second-best option. Non-aggro brawlers can pick health gear instead of Damage.

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