Medieval Merge Beginners Guide and Tips

Pixodust presents Medieval Merge as new innovation in RPG games as you will have a puzzle, action, and RPG in one game. You will have a good chance to experience the medieval era where mythical beasts such as dragons are existed and brought harm to your village. This Medieval Merge Beginners Guide will give you a good insight into the game mechanism, game contents, and simple tips that will help you to rebuild your village and passes through the medieval era without any difficulties.

Your main duty in the game is to rebuild your village and defeat those beasts on your journey to unlock dungeons and more items that you can use. Pixodust adds a puzzle in form of merge mode as you will have to merge several items in order to unlock better items that you will need in your journey.

Gameplay Overview

Rebuild your Village

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Along your journey, you will face the difficult task to rebuild your village that has been destroyed. You will help them to rebuild their home or clear the vines that grow outside their neighborhood. You will also face restoring quests where the civilians need your assistance to restore some important objects to help rebuild your villages.

Complete your Quests

You will face multiple quests along your journey, and finishing them will reward you with the gold and energy required to merge tools. However, each quest will require you specific item, so make sure that you have enough resources to merge and discover the needed tools.

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You can try the garden quests in order to obtain more quests and more materials as a reward. Garden quests have three branch quests, which are creation quests, action quests, and flourish quests. Creation quests ask you to merge tools and discover new tools, creation quests ask you to open certain chests or activate the blessing orbs, while flourish quests ask you to build buildings, grow chests, or open the creature egg chests.


Enemies Medieval Merge Beginners Guide
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There are many enemies that will you encounter starting from big ogres to giant dragons. You have to defeat them with your item combination and your ability to merge suitable items. Defeating them will grant you promising rewards.

Merge Tools

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In this mode, you have to merge several tools in order to unlock more advanced tools, generators, or chests that will grant you rewards. However, you have to keep an eye on the space, if you have no remaining space for your items, you have to discard available items in order to give them space.

Medieval Merge Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

The key to ensuring your comfortable journey in Medieval merge is your ability to always keep empty space in your merge column as you will always need empty space for materials, or put new merging tools. It is also important for you to not rush yourself in merging advanced tools, enjoy yourself with each level of your tools, and start merging better tools once you find difficult enemies or face difficult quests.

1. Spend your Gold wisely for bag expansion

As you will need to keep more space for merging tools, make sure that you spend your golds wisely so you will have enough golds to expand your bag. Most of the materials are easy to get, so make sure that you always have space ready for materials.

2. Merge Generators only at an appropriate time

Generators Medieval Merge Beginners Guide
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You will need more generators in order to finish the level quickly. Therefore, you will need at least 4 generators in your merge bag. However, there will be certain cases where you have to discard them in order to put more important materials, therefore you can merge them once you have more than one generator, this will save you until you discover more generators.

3. Do not use Chests and Piggy banks carelessly

Chests Medieval Merge Beginners Guide
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You can merge tools and discover chest as a reward. Commonly, you can tap chests until 7 times before they disappeared completely, the same goes for the piggy banks. Therefore, it is wise to leave them after 6 clicks and merge them in order to unlock a new item with max durability or you can keep the chests and piggy bank in order to merge them into level 2, as it will give you better rewards.

4. Do not rush yourself to merge items

Having high-level materials in order to merge advanced tools is a good thing as you will clear the quest easily, However you have to know that you will not face any quests that require you to have more than level 10 tools. Therefore, do not rush yourself to merge items and sacrifice your generators. Keep in mind that you will always need generators in your merge bag to generate items. So always keep space for generators.

Final Thoughts

Medieval merge is an innovative game that combines Puzzle and RPG into a one-game scenario. You will rely on your ability and creativity to merge tools and discover the one that you while keeping your space in the merge bag. Having a generator is essential as it will help you to generate items while offline, while chests and piggy banks will ensure your gold resources. Make sure that these three items are available in your bag and only merge them at an appropriate time so you don’t have to sacrifice important items for the sake of your journey in the medieval era.

That’s all for today’s Medieval Merge beginners guide. Did you find our Medieval Merge beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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