My Hero Ultra Impact Beginners Guide and Tips

Came from the house of Bandai, My Hero Ultra Impact will give you an exciting experience to know how does it feel to become the hope of society along with All Might and Deku to fight against the league of villains or even side with villains along with all for one to exterminate every hero. My Hero Ultra Impact is a turn-based game where you can build your strongest teams based on heroes and villains in My Hero Academia. You can bring 5 heroes to your roster, three as front liners and two as substitutes. In this beginners guide, we will show you the overall preview of My hero ultra impact, and a guide for new players in order to give insight into the game.

Gameplay Overview


There are so many heroes based on my hero academia characters, especially major characters from heroes such as Deku, Todoroki, Kaminari, Uraraka, or Eraser Head, Endeavour, and number one hero All Might.


The heroes are separated into 5 affinities STR(red), INT(Green), ABL(Blue), DST(Purple), and MND(Yellow), and three rarities (Rare, Super rare, and Ultra-rare). You can recruit heroes by using diamonds or tickets that you will get as a reward from login rewards of completing the quests.

PvE Content

There are campaigns based on my hero academia story that you can play in order to get exciting rewards. They have difficulties that are normal and hard, while hard difficulties will be opened after you finished the normal stories. You can farm exp boost for either your heroes or your memories in level-up quests, and limited-time events that also give exciting rewards at the cost of harder bosses and enemies than the main story.

Pve Content

There Unforeseen Simulation Joint (USJ) where you can challenge bosses for more rewards. There will be 5 areas that you can challenge. Don’t worry, it won’t cost your energy but it will cost your ‘tries’ instead as they have limited tries. Lastly, you can try your hero’s power in VE tower and reach the highest floor you can get.

PVP Content

In Ultra Arena, you get a chance to fight another player as you prove that your team is the strongest. As a reward after defeating enemies, you will get arena medals that you can use to purchase items.

My Hero Ultra Impact Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Grinding your heroes into their highest level as fast as you can is important as the enemy power will gradually increase even after chapter one. You cannot depend on one hero as there is the possibility that your main hero’s affinities are weak against your enemy. Here are the bonus tips that you will need before you start jumping into the game.

 After completing the tutorial, you will get a free starter pack as a reward. You will get at least one Ultra rare hero and one Super rare hero as your main heroes. But don’t worry, you can draw another pack if you did not satisfy with your current pack but your previous pack will vanish.

1. Progressing through the Normal Main Quest mode

It is recommended for you to at least reach chapter 6 in your main quest in order to unlock USJ, Tower, and arena access. Bring your strongest asset especially if you have a UR hero as it will become your main asset along your adventure.

Progress in Normal Main Quest Mode

There are awakened mission features and you have to set your UR hero to that mission, if you manage to finish the mission, you will have your UR hero awakened in the middle of the normal main quest. It will be best if you bring at least one support to your roster. UR Deku will become the best choice as his skill will buff your team’s speed and increase your team plus ultra gauge by 20 percent.

Another hero that you might want to add is AoE hero as they can attack multiple enemies. Use exp boost that you got to farm your main heroes, but do not neglect your substitute hero as they will become your last hope if things are not according to plan.

2. Learn the strength and weaknesses of hero affinity

There are five affinities in the game, and each hero may have different affinities even if they are the same characters. So it will be best to know the strength or weakness of each affinity so you can analyze and make decisions in no time to defeat your enemies. Here is the affinity:

strength and weakness of hero affinity.
  • STR (red) is strong against INT (green), but weak against ABL (Blue)
  • INT (green) is strong against ABL (Blue), but weak against STR (red)
  • ABL (Blue) is strong against STR (red), but weak against INT (green)
  • When DST (purple) is facing MND(Yellow) enemies, DST hero will have higher damage

3. Use the Exp Boost significantly for your main heroes

You will have exp as a reward after finishing the main quest, but it is only a small amount of exp and it will slow your progress as the enemy will get harder. It will be best if you concentrate your exp boost on your main heroes, especially with better rarities such as UR or SR Hero. There are three exp boosts, which are small, medium, and large. You can earn it through the main quest or farm it in leveling up the quest.

4. Choose the best memory for your heroes

Maybe you will get confused about the purpose of memory as part of your heroes, as it has its own rarities as well. However, do not ever neglect them as they will give you a significant edge towards your conquest. Some of them will buff your stats during battle or increase your plus ultra gauge, so make sure that you choose the best memory for your heroes with suitable effects.

5. Check contracts and missions regularly

There are a daily contract and special contract that will give you a huge amount of reward if you manage to finish it. So, it is recommended for you to finish every mission that you have to do in contracts, usually, they will give you diamonds that you can use to recruit better heroes, the important part to awake your UR hero, and also recruit ticket to recruit more heroes for free.

Final Thoughts

My Hero Ultra Impact emphasizes you farm your hero to its maximum potential. So it is recommended for you to first unlock all of the access to any campaign by finishing your main quest until chapter 6. Daily login and contract will give you a huge amount of rewards including diamonds, awakening parts, and recruit tickets so make sure that you collect these rewards to help you level up your hero.

That’s all for today’s My Hero Ultra Impact beginners guide. Did you find our My Hero Ultra Impact beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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