Phobies Monster Card Tier List for April 2022

Phobies is a turn-based strategy game set in the surreal realm of the human subconscious. Currently, in the game, there are around 118 fears or Phobies available. With that number of monsters to choose from, new players will have a hard time deciding which should they deploy in the battle against their opponents, or maybe they are also confused about which to prioritize to level up. We will help you by providing our Phobies tier list of the monsters in the game.

Collect over 120 monster cards, and build a deck of fearsome Phobies. Each of these Phobies comes with its own unique powers, before unleashing them in turn-based tactical battles across various environments. Here, we already picked monsters that can be easily obtained by new players. We already packed the tier list for you to help you with which monsters you should prioritize initially.

Phobies Monster Card Tier List for April 2022

This tier list should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. This tier list will be separated into categories of S, A, B, and C as follows:

Tier Heroes
Strong (S) Alley Gator,
Blast-0 Matic,
Sheeping Gas,
Good (A) Jar Cannon,
Murder Wing,
Grave Digger,
Average (B) Finnigan,
Weak (C) Razor Mouth
Phobies Tier List for April 2022

Best Meta Monsters for Phobies in April 2022

These are the heroes with the most advantageous stats and abilities in Phobies as of April 2022.

S-Tier Monsters

Alley Gator

Image via Smoking Gun Interactive

Alley Gator is a monster-type Phobies, which means that it does not have any additional effects in the battle. It has a great amount of health and also it has great damage dealt with the opponent’s Phobies. Alley Gator has the ability to heal itself at the beginning of your turns.

Blast-0 Matic

blast-0 Matic Phobies Game
Image via Smoking Gun Interactive

Blast-0 Matic is a mechanical type Phobies, it is immune to disease effects and poison effects but it takes a great amount of damage from an electrical attack. It itself is also one of the holders of an electricity attack. It has a skill called Friggin Lazer which attacks enemies in the tile in the same line as it, the attack also damages the Phobies behind the first Phobies.

Sheeping Gas

sheeping gas Phobies Game Phobies Tier List
Image via Smoking Gun Interactive

Sheeping Gas is a monster-type Phobies. While it doesn’t have any additional effect on it, it can affect other Phobies with its poison. Sheeping Gas will poison every Phobies it attacks except for mechanical type. The effect of its poisons lasts for a long time. Sheeping Gas has a skill called PHEW! The skill deals great damage and poisons enemies near it.

A-Tier Monsters

Jar Cannon

jar cannon Phobies Game Phobies Tier List
Image via Smoking Gun Interactive

Jar Cannon belongs to the category of mechanical type Phobies. It is specialized in long-ranged attacks. Although it deals a little amount of damage, its attack range is far. Jar Cannon is perfect if there is a Stim Pad on the map, put it on the Stim Pad, its attack will be boosted, and it will deal a decent amount of damage from afar.

Murder Wing

murder wing Phobies Game
Image via Smoking Gun Interactive

Murder Wing is an undead type of Phobies. Because of the undead type nature to have lifesteal, Murder Wing is can sustain in the battle for a long time. Murder Wing is also a flying type Phobies, so obstacles like walls or rocks will not affect it, it can fly above it and attack the enemy. Its skill, Monty, will give extra damage to its enemy.

Grave Digger

grave digger Phobies Game Phobies Tier List
Image via Smoking Gun Interactive

Grave Digger is also an undead type of Phobies. It has a big body, a lot of health, and great damage, making it one of the strongest Phobies to must-have, its undead nature of having lifesteal makes him harder to defeat in battle. Grave Digger also has a skill, Terrorform, a skill that allows Grave Digger to remove or create obstacles.


eratic Phobies Game
Image via Smoking Gun Interactive

Eratic is an undead type Phobies. It has the ability to attack its enemy using electricity. It has a huge amount of health, and it can deal great damage to its enemy. Erratic has only one problem despite its health amount and damage amount. It only can move in one tile in every direction in its turns.

B-Tier Monsters


finnigan Phobies Game Phobies Tier List
Image via Smoking Gun Interactive

Finnigan is a monster-type Phobies. It has a decent amount of health and damage. Finnigan has a skill called Gore, the effect of its skill is he will damage his enemy and give them a knock-back effect for one tile, with its default direction of knock-back a straight line.


stabby Phobies Game
Image via Smoking Gun Interactive

Stabby is a dimensional type Phobies. It has a great amount of health and a decent amount of damage that it can deal with its enemies. Stabby’s skill, It’s Voodoo will make the enemy that attacks it receive a portion of the damage that Stabby received from its enemy.

C-Tier Monsters

Razor Mouth

razor mouth Phobies Game Phobies Tier List
Image via Smoking Gun Interactive

This cat-like Phobies is a monster-type and also an agile one, it can move at a great distance, making it suitable to get the Panic Point first to damage your opponent’s heart at your first turn. The downside of it is that Razor Mouth has a small amount of health, so it can be easily defeated in battle, especially if it’s outnumbered.

Final Thoughts

There are still many Phobies that are not mentioned in the tier list. You need to keep this in mind, there is no such thing as perfect Phobies, they can be good or bad depending on how you maintain them and how you can utilize them.

The tier list above is only for beginner players, experienced players might have encountered more Phobies than the one mentioned above. The knowledge about your Phobies is the main key to making your Phobies perform well in the battle, the type that the Phobies have is one of the main factors that can make one Phobies strong or not.

What do you think about this Phobies Monster Card Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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