Pokémon Go: How to find and catch Comfey

As a part of the Alola event, several Alolan Pokémon have been introduced into Pokémon Go. One such Pokémon released during the Alola event was Comfey, and it’s a Fairy-type Pokémon with a focus on defense. Players worldwide have been aggressively playing to find and catch as many Pokémon as possible to add to their collection. But Comfey never appeared in the wild or during raids for many players, and this is because Comfey is region-locked to just the exotic state of Hawaii.

Pokémon have been region-specific in the past, but it included a group of countries where players could catch them. Still, since Comfey is a culturally influenced design, it looks like a Hawaiian flower necklace found only in Hawaii. Although region-specific Pokémon’s are gradually released for everyone to catch and find in the past, it takes its own time, but there are ways around this to obtain a Comfey.

How to find and catch Comfey in Pokémon Go

Comfey is a fairy-type Pokémon focusing on defense which clocks at 215, the lowest Stamina being at 139, and attack at 165. This means that Comfey can take hits for the team. But players across the world are frustrated that they cannot find Comfey to complete their Pokedex for the Alolan region.

how to find and catch comfey
Image via Niantic

As of now, the only way anyone can find and catch a Comfey is by physically going to the state of Hawaii, where the Pokémon will be spawned regularly. Apart from this tedious and time-consuming task of flying to Hawaii, players have one more way around this to obtain Comfey by trading the Pokémon with someone who has just come back from Hawaii. Although it isn’t bad to travel to Hawaii, players can relax and enjoy the culture while catching Comfey.

Comfey is now region specific for the Hawaiian Islands; this means that only players residing in that area will obtain Comfey in a small state with a population of 1.4 million. Comfey might be released for all regions during summer events; it can be added to raids or made possible to be hatched with eggs or be spawned rarely in the wild. But there has been no official information on any of this as of now.

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