Pokémon Unite Patch Tier List for March 2022

Since the onset of the last patchPokémon Unite has had a variety of balance changes for both characters.  The new Pokémon Duraludon has been released. The meta picks, such as Lucario, Greedent, and Hoopa have been nerfed. Weaker Pokémon such as Blastoise, Alolan Ninetales, Decidueye, Zeraora, Trevenant, Tsareena, and Gengar are getting buffs to their kits, which allows players to have a more varied choice of characters and movesets when playing competitively. Some characters still feel underpowered, while some are still seeing incredibly high win rates and play rates. Overall, the game is quite balanced. This Pokémon Unite Tier List for March 2022 will provide players with the best picks of the season.

Pokémon Unite Patch Tier List for March 2022: Ranking from the best to worst

The tier list will be separated into 5 categories of S, A, B, C, D.

  • S Tier: Strongest characters in the current meta.
  • A Tier: Strong characters in the current meta – but not as strong as characters in the S tier.
  • B Tier: Characters in a balanced and healthy spot.
  • C Tier: Characters who are only viable and strong in certain games
  • D Tier: Characters who are not strong and choosing them is not ideal if you are aiming to win your games.
Tier(s) All-rounder(s) Attacker(s) Speedster(s) Defender(s) Supporter(s)
S (Overpowered) Lucario, Pikachu,
Talonflame Wigglytuff
A (Strong) Dragonite,
B (Good) Charizard,
Mr. Mime
C (Average) Machamp Cramorant,
Alolan Ninetales
Absol Trevenant,
D (Weak) Garchomp Decidueye

Pokémon Unite Patch Tier List for March 2022: Meta picks

Best All-Rounder in Pokémon Unite


Despite being nerfed relentlessly over the last few patches, Lucario remains the best all-rounder in the game. Lucario’s early game damage remains incredibly high, due to the huge damage output from Meteor Mash.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Lucario’s late-game still remains relatively strong, as Lucario still has a decent amount of survivability and high mobility, due to two dash abilities on a quick cooldown, as well as still having a high amount of damage and healing in Lucario’s kit.

Best Attacker in Pokémon Unite


Pokemon Unite Duraludon Guide Cover, Pokémon Unite Tier List March 2022
Image via The Pokemon Company

The newly-released Duraludon is currently the best attacker in the game. Duraludon’s attacks and abilities do an extremely high amount of burst damage. Duraludon’s attacks have a high amount of lifesteal that will indefinitely protect Duraludon, from being knocked out. Duraludon’s passive ability Heavy Metal compensates for Duraludon’s one weakness of losing to crowd control. This leaves Duraludon with very little counterplay.

Best Speedster in Pokémon Unite


After the nerfs to Zeraora a few patches ago, Talonflame has climbed up the tier list to be the best Speedster in the game. Talonflame is a Pokémon that excels in both pro play and in low-tier play. Talonflame has very high amounts of both mobility and ability damage.

Pokémon Unite Talonflame Guide, Japanese Strategy, Pokémon Unite Tier List March 2022
Image via The Pokémon Company

This means that Talonflame can consistently roam around the map to make plays and take objectives, as well as, using the high damage to get early kills and snowball into the late game. Talonflame is not only versatile in playability but is also versatile in skill. Talonflame is a character that is easy to start learning, but difficult to master, making Talonflame one of the best speedsters to learn.

Best Defender in Pokémon Unite


Pokémon Unite Snorlax guide, Pokémon Unite Tier List March 2022
Image via The Pokémon Company

Snorlax Is currently one of the best defenders in the game. Snorlax is a very easy Pokémon to play that has one of the highest health amounts, making Snorlax a very safe choice to win games. Snorlax’s movesets perform very well in both the early game and late game. The abilities have an unexpected amount of damage, that can easily catch opponents off-guard.

Best Supporter in Pokémon Unite


With Eldegoss’ recent nerf to Cotton Guard, Wigglytuff is now the best support option in the game. Wigglytuff has amazing base stats such as defense, special defense, and health, as well as great abilities to compliment these stats. Wigglytuff’s moveset is well-rounded and offers movement speed boosts, consistent damage, and has some of the best crowd control in the game.

Pokemon Unite Wigglytuff, Pokemon Unite Japanese Strategy, Pokémon Unite Tier List March 2022
Image via Pokemon Unite

Wigglytuff’s Unite move Starlight Recital is one of the best Unite moves in the game because when it is used on all allies in a teamfights correctly, it can easily win both the teamfights and the game. Wigglytuff is also the perfect counter to Duraludon, because Duraludon’s passive Heavy Metal prevents Duraludon from being thrown or shoved, whether Wigglytuff’s “sing” puts the opponent to sleep.

This means that Duraludon is not immune to Wigglytuff’s crowd control, allowing Wigglytuff to render Duraludon, who is unable to act and get knocked out easily, due to the fact that Duraludon has a low base health amount.

Final Thoughts

The meta of Pokémon Unite is currently quite balanced, as all of the top-tier Pokémon that dominated the meta has been nerfed in a way, that allows them to still be played at a competitive level. However, some of the problematic Pokémon in the game have not been addressed such as Pikachu and Cinderace.

They will continue to be played consistently. Meanwhile, some Pokémon who were not performing well previously will most likely continue to underperform in the meta, such as Cramorant and Decidueye. It will be interesting to watch how the meta shapes after this patch!

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