Random Defense Beginners Guide and Tips

ALL9FUN Limited has released a game where it combined tower defense, PvP, and merge gameplay style into one game. The game they release this time is Crazy Plants: Random Defense. This game is a simple game to play, the mechanic of this game is not hard at all. This is a Crazy Plants: Random Defense beginners guide to help you get to know the game and some tips that you can use.

At the start of the game, you will be shown a garden with a path along it. The path is for monsters that will march along with it, those monsters are also the target that you will need to defeat, and you cannot allow them to reach their target, which is your backyard door. You will be given three lives, so you cannot let three monsters reach your door.

Gameplay Overview

After the first wave of monsters appeared, a timer will appear at the bottom of the screen. If you still survive until that timer countdown ended, the monster boss will appear, and you will need to defeat it alone or with the rest of the remaining monsters that you have not managed to defeat before the boss appeared. Once you defeat the boss, another wave will appear with the monster having more HP compared to the first wave.

The game has two main game modes, PvP mode, and Co-op mode. PvP mode is where you play normally, you compete against another player to finish the monsters before they reach your house. While co-op mode is where you and other players work together to finish the monster waves before they reached the house. In co-op mode the house that needs to be protected is only one, so you will work together.

Crazy Plants: Random Defense Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Collecting your Hero

The first thing you need is to get your hero. It should be obvious for you to have the heroes in this game or else you cannot build your own deck. There are several ways for you to get these heroes in your garden.

Play and win the PvP mode

The easiest and the most common way to get them is by winning the PvP mode. Because, if you win the battle, you will be given a chest, this chest is containing a new hero for you to play and to upgrade, not only hero, but you will also get some coins and if you are lucky, you will also get gems from this chest.

Image via ALL9FUN Limited

The chest itself is various, there are several types of chests, from the common chest to the rarer chest. The time to open these chests is different as well, the common chest will take an hour to open, while the rarer chests can take up to eight hours to open.

Use your Seeds to open Chest

open chest, Crazy Plants: Random Defense
Image via ALL9FUN Limited

This is the other way to obtain new heroes. By using seeds, you have a higher chance to get a rare hero and higher. You will need to obtain seeds before attempting to open the chest, to get the seeds needed, you will need to play co-op mode and survive in several monster waves.

  • Buy at the shop, you can get new hero by buying at the shop, you will find it in the daily shop, or you can buy some chests to get new hero.

2. Upgrading your Hero

The next thing you need to do is to upgrade your hero, it is important for you to upgrade your hero, because you will struggle to finish the monster waves, even if you managed to defeat the boss, but if your opponent also managed to survive the first wave, you will struggle to survive in the next wave. The monsters in the second wave will have more HP than the previous wave, the movement of the monsters also becoming slightly faster, that is enough reason for you to upgrade your hero.

Image via ALL9FUN Limited

Upgrading your hero will give you more damage and attack speed, which will increase the performance of your hero in the battle against the monster waves. Upgrading a hero can be done when you have enough copies of your hero, the copies of your hero can get if you already have the hero and you get it again from opening chests, or if you buy the same hero in the store.

3. Build your own Deck

If you want to enter the battle, whether it is PvP or co-op mode, you will need your deck ready to battle. A deck is a list of heroes which you want to use as your hero in battle. You can put five heroes in your deck, but before you build your deck, there is one important thing that you need to pay attention to, it is the type of hero.

Build your own deck Crazy Plants: Random Defense
Image via ALL9FUN Limited

There are three types of heroes in the game:

  • Attack type (red symbol): this type of hero is the main attacking force, this type of hero usually has high damage and good attack speed. Their skills are also damage dealing skills.
  • Support type (green symbol): this type of hero is the one who has supporting effect skills, such as buffs, extra SP, even merge with other hero. Some support type also attacks the monsters together with the attack type hero.
  • CC type (purple symbol): CC type or Crowd Control type is the type that help the attacking hero to destroy the monster waves easily, similar to support type, but the skills in the CC type is affecting the monsters, not the allied hero.

4. Merge and Power up your hero in the battle

You can power up your hero while you are in battle. There are two different ways to do that, the first is to merge your hero, merging your hero in the battle can be done by dragging the same hero with the same level together, there are two results from merging your hero, the first is that your hero still the same but have higher power and level, the second is the hero that you merged will change to another random hero from your deck with higher level.

Image via ALL9FUN Limited

The second way is upgrading only the power by using SP. You can upgrade your hero’s power using SP by tapping the hero’s icon in the deck, but you will need a certain amount of SP, the higher the power upgrade, the higher the SP amount needed.

5. Keep an eye on your SP in the battle

SP is important, SP is a point or token for you to summon your hero into the battle, keep in mind that the hero and the position of the hero will be randomized. As explained before, SP is also used to upgrade your hero’s power while you are in battle.

SP in battle Crazy Plants: Random Defense
Image via ALL9FUN Limited

You can run out of SP fast if you are not careful with your spending, it might become a problem if your heroes are haven’t been upgraded yet and you already facing the boss. No need to panic if you run out of SP, because gaining it back is easy, to gain it back all you need to do is kill the monsters and your SP will slowly refill, or you can use a certain support type hero.

Final Thoughts

Crazy Plants: Random Defense is a fun addictive game that you can enjoy anytime, and anywhere. Without any complicated game mechanics, you can easily master this game in a very short time. This game will give you a lot of different strategies to try with a variety of the hero. If you are a fan of tower defense games, then this game is recommended for you.

That’s all for today’s Crazy Plants: Random Defense beginners guide. Did you find our Crazy Plants: Random Defense beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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