The complete Flashpoint Mode Guide and Tips

On April 8, Apex Legends Mobile received an update of approximately 203 MB, after which a new mode called Flashpoint was open to playing, along with some bug fixes. Based on the battle royale mode, the Flashpoint mode contains several Beacon areas spread throughout the map. Players can gain health and armor faster when they are inside these areas. In this Apex Legends Mobile guide, we will primarily cover the Flashpoint mode and help spread knowledge on how to play the game mode strategically.

How to play Flashpoint Mode in Apex Legends Mobile

The mechanics are the same as a normal battle royale mode, but the only difference is the Beacons. Large domes (similar to that of Gibraltar’s dome) in blue are spread wide across the map, along with several Beacons that allow players to revive their dead teammates faster without the need to travel long distances.

When players are inside these domes, their health and armor regenerate quickly, allowing space for fast-paced gunfights. They are visible in blue when players come across it and white in the minimap. There is no cooldown for health regeneration inside the domes. Hence, players do not have to worry about being low on health anytime, except outside the domes.

Image via Electronic Arts

The last Ring will always end up inside a dome, giving time for players to rotate to the final Ring and prepare for the ruthless battles. Players also have to make sure that they play inside the domes. There are high chances of getting killed outside the domes compared to staying inside one.

Final Thoughts

The all-new Flashpoint mode brings a fun experience to all the players, allowing them to heal and take more fights without worrying about losing health. The fact that this mode has just been released in the soft launch of Apex Legends Mobile says a lot about the startling future of the game after its global launch.

That’s all for today’s Flashpoint mode guide in Apex Legends Mobile. Let us know in the comment section below!

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