The Complete Furniture Crafting Guide and Tips

Blue Archive is an action RPG game, developed by NAT games and published by Nexon. The game has many unique mechanics with the cafe furniture being one of them, here we provide a guide for furniture crafting and all it includes. Furniture are decorative items that can be placed in the cafe, they provide comfort which determines the income of Gold and AP. Increasing comfort will unlock a better Gold/AP generation. Limited furniture also has set bonuses. Therefore, we have brought a Furniture Crafting guide of Blue Archive to help players out. This guide is aimed to provide a basic idea about the Furniture Crafting in Blue Archive.

How to obtain various Furniture for the Cafe in Blue Archive

Most of the furniture can be obtained from Crafting Chamber, except some specific ones. Furniture can be obtained in mostly four ways-

image via NAT games
  1. The Crafting Chamber – The Gift Node is the one that can provide furniture, keystone or keystone fragments can be used to fill up the circle. As more advanced nodes are filled up, there will be higher chances of getting good furniture. Sometimes a  golden furniture node may appear which guarantees three star furniture.
  2. Furniture Pack – Furniture can be bought from the in-game shop with premium currency.
  3. Total War- There are rewards of trophies in various ranks which also act as decorative items, and can be placed in the cafe. There are four grades of trophies and each one of them provides a comfort of 50.
  4. Limited Events– Events will also reward furniture either from quests or login events.

Crafting Chamber Node in Blue Archive

Furniture Sets

The cafe can be decorated with a huge arsenal of furniture and a lot of them belong to particular series, like Log, Jelly Arcade, etc. The rare ones provide set bonuses as well as unique custom interaction animations for various characters.

Log Series

The default furniture set that every player can get at the very start of the game, these do not have any set effects like others. They provide a total comfort of 160.

Name Description
Log Chair Good quality log chair. It can be used for a long time because it is resistant to moisture and dirt.
Log Side Chair Sturdy side chair. Tighten the screws for safe use.
Log Storage Case A storage case made of raw wood, which has the advantage of large storage space. You can show what you want to show off, and hide such and such a thing in secret.
Log Large Table A classic design table. The raw wood material gives it a natural beauty that has been maintained for a long time.
Log Storage Table Good quality storage table for easy storage of small items. The drawers will keep the tabletop clean.
Wooden Floor A wooden floor. It gives a warm and natural atmosphere.
Natural Wooden Wall A natural wooden Wall. The point colors create a cohesive space that is not too monotonous.
Whiteboard A whiteboard with notes pasted here and there. If you look closely, you can see the casual daily lives of the students interspersed throughout.
Window with Curtains A window with curtains. The breeze coming in from outside the window gives me a sense of peace.

Jelly Arcade Series

This furniture is based on retro-styled game centers or older arcades. There are 19 pieces of furniture in total providing a total comfort of 4000. This set can be obtained from Crafting Chamber. In the crafting chamber, the node Jelly Arcade which may be available in Node 2 will provide the furniture for these when crafting. The furniture obtained via crafting can be anywhere from one-star to three-star.

jellies arcade Blue Archive Furniture Crafting Guide
image via NAT games

There are set bonuses in this series, which are- 2 piece Set-Bonus provides 100 Comfort, 5 pieces Set-Bonus provides 450 Comfort and finally 7 piece Set-Bonus provides a total 750 Comfort.

Name Description
Red Arcade Machine Retro arcade game machine. The moment you saw the word “FIGHT,” your will to fight will flare up.
Blue Arcade Machine Retro arcade game machine. Anger to power! Run for the coins with Angry Adelie!
Purple Arcade Machine Retro arcade game machine. Save the cats while avoiding the asteroids that are falling on them!
Small Window A small window for ventilation. Small but very effective.
Pattern Tile Floor A pattern tile floor. It brings a stylish feeling to the entire space.
Pattern Tile Wall A tile wall with neon wall lights. You can enjoy the stylish feeling that envelops the entire space.
Arcade Neon Electric Sign Board An arcade neon electric signboard. You can decorate your wall with gorgeous neon lights in a cool way.
White Simple Sofa A simple sofa with cushions. The highly resilient material wraps the students’ bodies comfortably.
Pink Stool A simple pink stool. The slender design allows it to be placed in small spaces, saving space and interior design.
Foliage Plant A houseplant that is growing well. It is easy on the eyes and you may even feel the effect of air purification.
Colorful Pattern Carpet A colorful pattern carpet. The rugs are woven with the skill of a master weaver and offer a beautiful sense of originality.
Jellies Neon Electric Sign Board A jellies neon electric signboard. You can appreciate the cuteness of the Jellys to the fullest.
Jellies Crane Game A crane game where you can get a jellies doll. It is notorious for being too difficult.
Colorful Vending Machine A vending machine filled with various snacks. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself inserting coins before you know it.
Cassette Tape Table A table in the shape of a cassette tape. It perfectly recreates the romance of those days.
Air Hockey Game machine A game machine that allows you to play air field hockey. The exercise is more effective than I thought it would be.
Multi-colored TV A retro-style multi-TV. You can enjoy both TV and games!
Dancing Star Game Machine A game console that lets you enjoy dance rhythm games. Tonight’s hero is about to be decided.
Racing Game machine High-speed racing game console with hologram. You can enjoy realistic racing.

Valentine Series

The limited furniture set with the theme of Valentine was added to the game last year. There are 22 pieces of furniture in total in this set, providing a total of 3850 comforts. These can be obtained via Crafting Chamber and Limited Login events.

There will be a node called Valentine in Node 2 of the crafting chamber which will provide the furniture for this set. The set bonuses for this set are- 2 piece Set-Bonus provides 100 Comfort, 5 pieces Set-Bonus provides 450 Comfort, and 7 pieces Set-Bonus provides 750 Comfort.

Name Description
Chocolate Sweets Wall Decoration A large chocolate wall decoration with the logo for Valentine’s Day. The strawberry chocolate design gives it a fresh feel without being too sticky.
Valentine Pink Sweets Model A model of a large sweet for Valentine’s Day, pretty in pink. Perfect for a sweet and romantic presentation.
Valentine Sweets Oven Oven for Valentine’s Day sweets that can make a variety of desserts. Highly durable and long-lasting.
Valentine Sweets Kitchen Counter A kitchen counter for Valentine’s Day with a simple structure. Its wide width makes it perfect for cooking.
Large Chocolate Fountain A machine for Valentine’s Day that makes chocolate flow like a fountain. You can easily enjoy chocolate fondue with friends.
Chocolate Sweets Model Just looking at this model of chocolate sweets for Valentine’s Day, you can feel the sweetness in the air. It is so elaborate that it could be mistaken for the real thing.
Valentine Heart Present box A heart gift box for Valentine’s Day. Perfect for a romantic atmosphere.
Valentine Tea Table Gorgeous Tea Table for Valentine’s Day. Let’s enjoy a luxurious afternoon tea!
Valentine Sweets Bar Counter A bar counter for Valentine’s Day where you can order sweets. It’s a little rich with gold ornaments.
Valentine Storage Set Valentine’s Day furniture with lots of storage space. Perfect for making good use of space.
Brown Checker Carpet A brown checkered carpet for Valentine’s Day. The unique design can create a calm atmosphere.
Valentine Single Chair Elegant single chair for Valentine’s Day. An original design that stands out for its individuality.
Chocolate Partition Chocolate patterned partitions for Valentine’s Day. Casual atmosphere, perfect for creating an independent space.
Valentine Sweets Showcase Showcase for displaying sweets for Valentine’s Day. The beautiful frame makes the sweets stand out even more.
Valentine Cookie Sofa A Valentine’s Day sofa with a cookie cushion. Its design creates a sweet atmosphere.
Valentine Multi-Table A multi-table for Valentine’s Day with an outstanding sense of color scheme. The sleek silhouette is very attractive.
Pillar with Point Proof Valentine’s Day pillar with point light illumination. The orange lighting gives a softness to the space.
Chocolate-Shaped Neon Electronic Bulletin Board Chocolate-shaped neon billboard with logo for Valentine’s Day. The pretty combination of white and pink is eye-catching.
Handmade Chocolate Model A model of handmade chocolates for Valentine’s Day. An essential item when creating a space for event space on Valentine’s Day.
Valentine Chocolate Window A window with chocolates for Valentine’s Day. With its unique design, you’re sure to win the heart of that person looking through the window.
Valentine Pink Floor Pink floor for Valentine’s Day. It can add to the romantic atmosphere.
Pink Heart Background Cute background for Valentine’s Day with a pink heart pattern. As the color of the school turned a gorgeous pink, the students began to float.

The above guide should provide you with enough tips on how to quickly understand and master the concept of Furniture Crafting in Blue Archive. So, go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Blue Archive Furniture Crafting Guide for Tips!

What are your thoughts on the Blue Archive Furniture Crafting Guide? Did you find our Furniture Crafting guide for Blue Archive helpful Let us know in the comments below!

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