The complete Reroll guide and tips

MGCM Magical Girls is an action RPG game, featuring a diverse magical world and action-packed combat, along with a cast of beautiful characters with fancy animations. The SEA version of the game is published by Gaea Mobile Limited. With MGCM Magical Girls launched recently, here is a reroll guide for it, so you can get the best characters easily from the very start.

How to reroll efficiently in MGCM Magical Girls

The game has some restrictions on rerolling as there is no one-click way to reset any given account, so that makes rerolling a bit tough but there are ways to circumvent that. For the first method, if you have multiple email accounts, then you could continuously switch between them but this process is rather tedious. The second method involves installing the game through an XAPK file. If both of these methods were not helpful then regretfully you will have to reinstall the game after each failed reroll attempt

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MGCM Magical Girls reroll guide for Android devices

  • Start the game and choose a guest account, and then begin the tutorial, most of the content except battles is skippable.
  • The tutorial is very short and will only take 5 minutes at max to complete, once that is done locate the Gacha Window for banners
  • Claim all the possible premium currencies you can find from various sources and then roll on your favorite banner.
  • If you are satisfied with the reroll, bind the account, otherwise continue on by either switching between multiple accounts or with the XAPK installation.
  • In order to switch accounts, you will need to navigate to the User Center option available in the settings menu or from the game’s main screen.

XAPKs is a complete package of the game which has both the APK file and the OBB file along with other minor files. If XAPKS are used for installation then, the game won’t need to download any extra game data from the server at the start.

mgcm magical girls gacha shop
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This will make continuous uninstalling and reinstalling of the game a breeze to work with. After every unsuccessful reroll, simply uninstall the game and again reinstall through the XAPK file. XAPKS can be found on the web with an easy search. 

MGCM Magical Girls reroll guide for iOS devices

For iOS devices, other than continuous reinstallation of the game there is no other viable way for rerolling.

How to reroll on any Emulator for MGCM Magical Girls

Emulators like BlueStacks, LDplayer, and MEmu are usually the better tools for rerolling as compared to native Android and iOS devices. Go ahead and select any Emulator as all of them have nearly the same features that you may need. Check the official documentation for the emulator you have chosen to have a hassle-free setup. Continue on these steps for rerolling- 

  • First install the game on a 64-bit instance, 64-bit will provide better performance and stability as compared to 32-bit one.
  • Install the game on the base instance, but don’t open the game. Make clones of the base instance, and once there are 3-4 instances, start with rerolling on every instance except the base one.
  • After every reroll cycle, simply delete the bad reroll accounts and clone again from the base  instance.
  • When you get a good account with the best characters, make sure to bind it in order to avoid any data loss.

How to bind a game account in MGCM Magical Girls

MGCM Magical Girls Reroll guide
Image via Gae Mobile Limited

Navigate from the Others Settings menu to User Center, here you will find the option for binding email/ accounts.

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