The Complete Resources Guide and Tips

Having a good amount of Resources is essential in Chrono Legacy. The higher your hero level, the higher the amount of material needed to level them up, especially Hero Exp, as it is the most important material you have to obtain in mass amount. On the other hand, you will also need diamonds to summon and get new heroes on the altar. You will need heroes paper to upgrade your hero. But, don’t worry, our resource guide will give you a good insight about how to get resources in Chrono legacy so you will have more resources in no time.

How to get Resources in Chrono Legacy

1. Gain resources automatically through AFK gain

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First of all, this is the most straightforward way to gain a huge amount of resources. In engage mode, you can keep track of your AFK gains in your battle board. One good thing is that the treasure will constantly increase even after you exit the game.

2. Finishing the Quests to gain more rewards

There are so many quests in Chrono Legacy that will offer you great rewards once you finish it. Three are three available quests; the first is the journey quest, the one that appears in the bottom left in engage mode related to the current stage in your journey mode, the second is by finishing daily quest that will refresh once a week, and the third one is through Event quest.

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The event quest is divided into two main events; the first is the Newbie event. It consists of Bon Voyage, Stage Rush, Chrono Pioneer, feed baby Dragon, and Login quest. And the other one is the Daily Event, which consists of Spring Gala, Spring Gift, Hero Promotion, and Total Top-up event. These event quests will need you to reach specific hero power, stage, or tower level to unlock the rewards.

3. Unlock the Scene Gallery for more Diamonds

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To unlock the scene gallery, you can go to your base and open the gallery in database sites. All you have to do is click the shine part of the unlocked gallery scene, and you will get diamonds as a reward.

4. Get free Hero Exp in Chrono Store

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You will have a daily free pack and one hero Exp serum in the Chrono store, so make sure to claim it.

5. Win more battles in the arena for better coins

In the arena, you will always get free coins based on your ranks, so make sure that you have higher ranks to get more coins.

6. Claim your Alliance Treasure for more resources

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Your participation in the alliance will reward you with more resources as they have an alliance treasury. As long as you actively participate in each alliance activity, you will unlock more treasures.

Final Thoughts

Chrono Legacy is an exciting strategy RPG game that will let you have many resources in several ways. However, it won’t be very easy if you do not know where you have to start gathering resources. So, it would be best to make your plan first, which method you will use to collect resources, and then you can gather it in no time.

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