The complete Zero Build Mode Guide and Tips

Fortnite has now introduced Zero Build as a new permanent game mode. And if you want to succeed without building, you’ll need some tips to adapt. In our Fortnite guide, we will tell what you should be doing to survive in Zero Build Mode in the absence of buildings.

Fortnite Mobile Zero Build Mode: Tips and Tricks

1. Stay close to cover at all times

Since you can’t build up to cover anymore, it’s important to stay close to cover to avoid an unexpected ambush. This can include walls, rocks, trees (although they can break, so try to move away if you can), and even bushes (only for hiding, not for protection from gunfire). Don’t panic and run out in the open towards the first wall or rock you see. Instead, go for the closest cover and return fire.

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One more point to remember is that more cover does not mean better cover since you could run straight into another team hiding around, and if things are packed around you, getting overwhelmed and stuck is easy. Instead, go for areas with walls or other natural structures on all four sides and not many points of entry to guard. 

2. Always keep moving around 

Constant movement is imperative to not getting shot when you’re moving across open areas and gunfights. Constant is the keyword here, and you have to keep moving sideways, sprint around and jump to take as little damage as possible. Even while healing, spam the crouch button not to get hit in the head. While sniping, make sure that the area outside your POV is completely clear. 

3. Use Cow Catchers to build a shield 

Although the building is removed, cowcatchers, which are a part to add to your vehicle, still can function similar to a wall. So if you ever need some quick cover during a gunfight, cowcatchers are a weird yet effective way to go about it. 

4. Don’t engage in a fight with multiple enemies at once

Third-partying in a fight is alright, mainly if you’re the one who’s late to the party. However, don’t start a fight if you can hide when multiple teams are around you. Having patience and picking your fights is key.

Zero Build Mode
Image via Epic Games

Another bad time to get into a firefight is when you’re in a position to get away (that is, in a vehicle) and multiple people are shooting at you. You can always deal with them after you’re in a better position. Eliminate the closest threat before engaging those farther away

5. Rotate early to areas with good cover

Rotating well before the storm closes in allows you to get time to pick the cover and also take out other players who’re busy trying to run away from the storm. In the earlier stages, using long-ranged weapons like snipers and assault rifles is better but move to shotguns and SMGs as the AO gets smaller. The best place to be during this time is high ground. 

6. Master the new movement styles

Zero Build Mode
Image via Epic Games

Sprinting and jumping are key to safe and quick movement between covers, and you should also use the ascenders and blimps. Players of games like COD Mobile often master the slide cancel technique as it allows them to move around quickly and avoid getting hit due to their erratic movement. Mantling is a great way to get to heights while escaping from or rushing your enemies 

7. Rush your enemies at the right time

Rushing your enemies when they’re weak and prone to mistakes is an excellent way of getting kills. Push them out into the open or in situations where they won’t have a lot of covers to hide behind. It’s also essential to not launch an offensive move too early but get some information about where they’re firing from and approach from an angle where they can’t see you coming till it’s too late for them 

8. Use the Thermal Scope AR and other weapons with thermal scopes

Zero Build Mode
Image via Epic Games

Thermal scopes are great for finding enemies who might be camouflaging well with their surroundings. Doing a 360 scan barely takes a few seconds, so you won’t expose yourself for too long. 

9. Use shockwave grenades

Shockwave grenades can be obtained while looting or through NPC trades. They’re great for getting away quickly or getting to heights and taking care of enemy-operated tanks. Having a couple in your inventory slot will always be very useful. 

10. Stay calm and patient in the endgame

Fortnite Zero Build Mode Guide
Fortnite Zero Build Mode Guide

The endgame is usually when many players start panicking and make mistakes. There are not a lot of players in the last few zones, so first, players should begin by clearing the area around them and then trying to figure out where the enemies are. Thermal scopes would once again be useful here. It’s important to stay ahead of enemies and out of sight and, if possible, the third party in the fight.

We hope you find this Fortnite Zero Build Mode Guide helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone.

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