The Heavenly Stone Debris World Quest Guide

The Heavenly Stone’s Debris Quest in Genshin Impact is part four of the Chasm Delvers’ World Questline. Travelers will be asked to complete several objectives for Jinwu and an NPC, Clitopho, in the Heavenly Stone Debris World Quest from Genshin Impact. To report their findings, players should investigate the environment within the Underground Mines.

Players need to complete the Genshin Impact Chasm Spelunkers World quest to unlock this Heavenly Stone Debris World quest. Also, Players will need to collect at least 16 Lumenspar and 1 Lumenstone to upgrade the gadget to Level 2. This is our step-to-step guide to get the quest completed in minutes.

How to complete The Heavenly Stone’s Debris World Quest in Genshin Impact

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After completing the Chasm Spelunkers, players need to talk to Jinwu and start this world quest. Players now have to look for the two keys to the gunpowder storehouse. Glide Southeast towards the location to find the first key. Break the pot on top of the barrel, interact with the glowing light to collect the first key.

Players now need to look out for the second key. Head northeast towards the next quest location to collect the second key. Players will encounter the treasure hoarders, and they need first to defeat them. Then, dig up the bomb and detonate the bomb to get the second key.

Gunpowder Storehouse

Genshin Impact Stone Debris Quest Guide
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Teleport to whichever waypoint closer to the quest location and head towards the quest location. As players get to the gate entrance, they need to use the two previously collected keys. Access the gate with those two keys. 

Look for a Cannonball

After entering the room, players have to go up the wooden platform on the right side and open the cannon chest. Now, players need to bring the cannonball back to the camp. Teleport back to Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel east waypoint and talk to Clitopho to continue the quest. 

Make 3 Special Unmoving Essential Oils & give them to Clitopho

Genshin Impact Stone Debris Quest Guide
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Craft 3 special unmoving essential oils with the crafting table beside Clitopho. Players will need 6 Cor lapis and 6 frogs to craft them. Players need to talk to Clitopho after crafting the three special potions.     

Read the Signaling Guide

Teleport the Main Mining Area north waypoint and read the signaling guide at the lower platform. Now, players need to release the safety on the cannon’s breech. For this, glide south towards the high lamp post. Players only need to activate it & do not need to change its frequency.

Head Southwest from the previous location towards the middle lamp post. Players only need to activate it & do not need to change its frequency. Now they need to head Southeast towards the low lamp post again from the previous location. Players only need to activate it & need to change its frequency only once. 

Load the cannonball in together with Zhiqiong and destroy the sealing rock

After players have set up all three lamp posts, head west towards the quest location & use the great cannon. Now players need to move the cannon left once & down twice. Fire the cannon towards the cave and players will receive the achievement “Maintain Safety Distance.”                  

Genshin Impact Heavenly Stone Debris Quest Guide
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Players will now have to unlock a nearby waypoint. Players can skip this if they have already unlocked the waypoint. Go back to Jinwu to level up your Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget to Level 2. Make sure your gadget is at least Level 2 before processing with the world quest.

Activate the first mechanism

Teleport to the Main Mining Area south waypoint, head south and enter the cave. Now Unlock the nearby waypoint and go towards the quest location. Players need to glide Southeast to activate the first mechanism. Players will now use the level 2 or higher Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget on the purple blob to remove it. Payers can refill the energy with waypoints or blue orbs around the mechanism. 

Activate the second mechanism

Players need to head southwest towards the second mechanism. Use the gadget on the purple blob that is connected to the mechanism. Players can activate the mechanism after defeating the shadowy husk that spawned after removing the blob

Activate the third mechanism & defeat Abyss Herald

Players need to head Southeast towards the third mechanism. Remove the purple blob located further away from the mechanism. After activating all three mechanisms, players need to battle it out with an Abyss Herald

Genshin Impact Heavenly Stone Debris Quest Guide
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After defeating the Abyss Herald, the Heavenly Stone Debris world quest will be completed after the cutscene and dialogue with Zhiqiong. After completing the quest, players will receive a total reward of Primogems x 40 & Hero’s Wit x 3.

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