Tips and tricks to level up quickly

Apex Legends Mobile by Electronic Arts contains many rewards to claim and get our hands-on. Most of these rewards are available through the ongoing events, Battle Pass, and Player EXP Level. One must have a higher tier in the Battle Pass and Player EXP Level to receive more rewards. So how do we level up? Here, in this guide, we will be looking at the three best tips to level up in Apex Legends Mobile quickly. Keeping that in mind, we shall focus on the Player EXP Level.

Tips to level up fast in Apex Legends Mobile

1. Collect your Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards can be collected when a player logs into the game every day. It is the simplest method to claim the Player EXP Points.

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There will be different rewards that can be claimed through the Daily Rewards, but once in a week or so, players will be able to receive the Player EXP Points, which will eventually assist in increasing the Player EXP Level.

2. Double EXP Cards

The Double EXP cards are available in the free crates and can be obtained from limited Events. These cards enable an x2 boost per match; if a player obtains 5000 EXP Points at the end of a match, he will get a massive 10,000 EXP Points overall.

Apex legends Mobile Tips
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This works similar to a consumable; that is, players need to use the Double EXP card to use it. To use this, go to MORE from the main screen, head over to WAREHOUSE, then to ITEMS, and click on the Double EXP card.

3. Play any gamemode daily

Playing any game mode automatically increases the Player EXP Points. The more games played, the higher the EXP Level. To split it up in detail:

Apex legends Mobile Tips
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  • In TDM, Arena, and other Multiplayer modes, kills slightly boost the overall EXP Points received from that match.
  • In the Battle Royale modes, both kills and the team’s position matter, thus resulting in higher EXP Points gained compared to the Multiplayer modes.

Final Thoughts

These are some tips that help in progressing one’s Player EXP Level. These tips are pretty easy to accomplish, and if done so, players will be rewarded with many exciting items, and not just limited to Player EXP. This is a valid reason for players to grind the game enough to earn the variety of rewards it offers.

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