Tips for the Season 2 Alliance game mode

There’s a new season in Alliance mode, and now the players have new types of enemies to beat! Due to this, Season 1 guides of Alliance aren’t useful anymore, since the waves are completely different this time around. Like season 1, some specific waves tend to be harder than others, so here is our Cookie Run: Kingdom Alliance Season 2 guide with some tips to help you beat those especially tricky waves.

Wave 4: Raspberry Boss

The first roadblock for a lot of new players, Raspberry can be tough if you don’t know what you’re doing. This boss can easily kill your highest attacker, and then your whole team falls apart as Raspberry finishes off the rest of your team too.

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A good trick is to use a double healer and Strawberry Crepe Cookie since the whole Alliance game mode is on auto and the Ambush Trick (a strategy for beating 11-27 in story mode, another place where the Raspberry Boss can be fought) won’t work for this wave. Another good tip is to use Sorbet Shark Cookie in your team since their skill is good at dealing damage to cookies.

Wave 7: HP Shield

The next wave you can easily get stuck on is Wave 7. This one is particularly tricky since the scarab has a quickly regenerating HP shield, meaning you can get stuck here for ages if your damage output isn’t high enough. The most effective way to counter this is Twizzle Gummy Cookie, since her skill depletes HP shields, letting you kill the practically harmless enemy after their defense is gone.

HP Shield
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Another way is to use a team that uses the Priestess’ Charm treasure, but this would take up one of your precious treasure slots. Another way is to switch to an AOE team as fast as possible (immediately after clearing wave 6) and kill the scarab before it sets up its HP Shield.

Wave 12 and Wave 16: High Attack Boss Stages

These are boss stages, and if your main team can’t solo these waves, then you can make a team that uses mostly single-target cookies. Examples of good treasures to have for these would be Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Bear Jelly Lollipop, Grim-looking Scythe, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Pilgrim’s Slingshot.

Wave 20: The Hog Wave

This is a hard wave, especially with the chapter’s cooldown decrease debuff. Much like Wave 12 and Wave 16, you’ll clear this wave a lot easier with single target cookies, that target the rear but the problem is the boar keeps moving around so much that it’s hard to time it properly. DMG Resist substats on your cookies’ toppings would be a great help too since the hogs can do a lot of damage to your team.

Wave 22: Red Velvet

This is the one with Red Velvet Cookie and his hounds; a good goal is to one-shot Red Velvet (which is a little harder to do because he’s at the front instead of the rear) or else he’ll target your back cookies, which are usually your healers, sabotaging your whole team comp.

Red Velvet
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Sorbet Shark Cookie is also good here, but to help them launch their skill more successfully and frequently at Red Velvet, you’ll need a stunner or two in your team to keep Red Velvet at bay. Good examples would be Tiger Lily, Kumiho, Cherry Bomb, and Cotton Cookie.

Wave 24: Pitaya Dragon

Cookie Run Kingdom Guide Pitaya Dragon
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It’s advisable to try to kill the dragon in one blow because it can kill all your teams if you’re not careful. If your teams are too weak, then using a Tea Knight comp might be useful instead. Make sure Tea Knight outlives his teammates, is equipping Searing Raspberries with high DMG Resist, and you have the Insignia treasure in your team.

Focus on Team Composition

There are 5 team slots in Alliance, and it’s up to you how you’ll fill out these slots, but always make sure that you have a “main” team, which is the one that deals high damage but also has high survivability. This team has at least one healer, and some players even have teams that contain three healers! Experiment and find the best team comp that works for you. Since this team has to have good survivability, make sure to keep a treasure slot for Monocle, Feather, or Horn.

Tips for Alliance Season 2
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For waves that drain your front cookie’s health, a good countermeasure would be a summoner comp, especially one with Pumpkin Pie cookie since her skill only needs 1 second to start on her first skill cooldown. This way, enemies will only attack your summoners, letting your cookies remain unscathed. Just note that summoners tend to be fragile, so you’ll need good healers or tanks for them to survive.

Sorbet Shark Cookie is great for cookie bosses. since their skill deals with True Damage and will be able to deduct a percentage of a cookie’s health, instead of dealing a set amount of damage.

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Twizzly Gummy Cookie is great for enemies with high HP shields since her skill cancels them out. Just remember to put a lot of Apple Jelly toppings on her, or use a cookie that increases CRIT on your teams like Mala Sauce Cookie or Sparkling Cookie, since CRIT increases her attack significantly.

Sometimes you’ll have bosses that attack too fast, and you’ll need a stunner or two in your team so your cookies can buy more time before they use their next skill attack. Tiger Lily is a good stunner, and so is Kumiho who decreases up to 5 enemies’ DEF.

Use Scroll as your Treasures and carry level 12 Toppings on your Cookies

1. Treasures

Great treasures to use in Alliance are Scroll (it’s useful for every mode in the game), Monocle, Feather, Watch (less advisable for later stages where you’ll switch out your teams a lot more), and Priestess’s Charm for enemies with powerful buffs.

2. Toppings

If you can, always try to use level 12 toppings on your cookies, since their effect is a lot more powerful than using toppings with no level. Searing raspberry is for attackers, Swift Chocolate is for healers or support cookies, and Whole Almonds are for tanks.

Final Thoughts

There is no best team set in alliance since there are many types of good cookie combinations and what works for one player might not work for a different player. Getting inspiration online for a specific team comp is helpful, but copying it might not lead to the same results, since there are multiple factors at play, like toppings and lab upgrades that you don’t see. Additionally, if you’re a newer player and you don’t have all the good cookies in the game yet, you’ll just have to make the best of what you have at the moment.

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