Tips to control your offline teammate

The most-hyped and awaited battle royale mobile game Apex Legends Mobile has finally dropped off on a soft launch in 10 countries. The game has brought many exciting features using which players can take advantage. One of these features lets players control offline teammates. In this guide, we will discuss the steps on how to control your teammate even if he/she has gone offline in Apex Legends Mobile.

Well, the name’s saying it all. Using this feature, players can control their teammates while he/she is offline. Sometimes we have to face network issues for which we fail to stay connected with the game server. Apex Legends Mobile thought of the problem and came up with a great idea that brought the feature into the game.

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How to control your offline teammate in Apex Legends Mobile

  1. So, the first thing players need to do is to turn on the Enable Autoplay for Squadmates after going Offline setting. Players will find this setting at the bottom of the Gameplay Settings option.
  2. Now, if any of your squadmates go offline for about a minute or so, then two options will pop up over the name of your offline teammate. One will say Follow and the other one will say Battle. However, both of them are usable at the same time. Turn on both of them.
  3. Your offline teammate will start following you. He/she will start picking up loots just like a teammate does and enabling the Battle option will allow it to fight against enemies. Even if you got shot down to knock out by enemy’s fire, he/she will revive you promptly!
apex legends mobile offline teammates
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So, when any of your squadmates is offline, take advantage of this feature as this may save you in some caught-up situations by holding you back. But again, make sure to use both the ‘’Follow’’ and ‘’Battle’’ options because just turning on one will only do that particular job. You better go with both.

That’s all in today’s guide on how to control offline teammates in Apex Legends mobile. Have you faced the issue of offline teammates during the game? Let us know in the comment section below!

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