Tips to progress quickly in the game

Disney Twisted-Wonderland is a Japanese adventure game with rhythm game elements created by Disney and Aniplex. You are summoned by a magic mirror to a world unlike your own. And you arrive at Night Raven College, a prestigious arcane academy. If you’re new to Disney Twisted-Wonderland, we’ve compiled a list of essential beginner tips that will come in handy as you progress through the game.

In the game, you will be presented with a player-level system called Player Rank. It is an essential part of the game, as you need to be of a certain rank level to be able to play certain stages of the main story. Not only yourself, but your cards also have a leveling system. The higher their level, the higher their HP and Power will be. This guide will help you increase your Player Rank level and also upgrade your Card level effectively in Disney Twisted-Wonderland.

Tips to progress faster in Disney Twisted-Wonderland

Increasing your Player Rank level

Effectively, the main way to increase your Player Rank level is by completing Lessons. Any Lesson whether it is History, Flight, or Alchemy will all give you Player Rank points. So just choose any class that you like and what you need at the time.

increasing player level disney twisted wonderland
Image via Aniplex

To make it easy for you to farm, you can enable the Auto function in the upper right corner. Choose the Loop function if you want to automatically do the class while also automatically repeating them until your Lesson points ran out or until you decide to turn it off. When your Lesson Points (LP) has run out, you can either wait for a certain amount of time or use items such as Starshards or use Gems.

Upgrading your Card levels

There are quite a number of ways for you to level up your cards in Disney Twisted-Wonderland. According to their rank, cards can only be upgraded to a certain level, with each of them can have its max level cap extended. Their level differentiation is as explained below:

  • R rank Cards that can go into level 40 but can be maxed out into level 60 after being uncapped.
  • SR rank Cards that can go into level 60 but can be maxed out into level 80 after being uncapped.
  • SSR rank Cards that can go into level 80 but can be maxed out into level 100 after being uncapped.

And with that, since SSR rank characters can reach a higher level than other ranks, we recommend you to focus on upgrading them and create a party of the most effective SSR rank Cards. If you don’t know what SSR rank cards to choose from, you can check our Tier List for SSR rank Cards and some recommended Meta Cards.

1. Through History Lessons

You can increase the level of your Cards with the History lessons provided in the Lessons menu. However, you can only pick 5 Cards to attend a class and a Study Partner who will get the majority of the upgrade through the class. Of course, we recommend you to choose Cards that you usually use for battle and strong ones.

upgrade history lessons disney twisted wonderland
Image via Aniplex

Don’t forget to use the Auto and Loop function to make it easier for farming and if you do the lessons long enough, a Special Session will occur where you can get an increase in the amount of upgrade points your Cards will receive.

2. Using Items

upgrade using items disney twisted wonderland
Image via Aniplex

Another way to upgrade your Cards is to use items. To increase their level, you can use Blooming Honey of any amount and some Thaumarks. You can also increase the max level cap of your Cards by using Awakening Perfumes of the same rank. If you don’t have the items necessary, you can buy them in the shops with currencies such as Gems and Tokens.

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