Tips to spot the real Mirage

Mirage is one of the playable legends now available in Apex Legends Mobile. This legend is an offensive one that distracts others. Holographic Trickster Mirage, using his ability, often confuses players and takes them down or retreat while low on health. Here’s our guide with some tips on how players can spot the real Mirage and take him down in Apex Legends Mobile

About Mirage in Apex Legends Mobile

Mirage is the one Legend who likes to stand out. The youngest of four brothers, Mirage perfected the art of fooling others to get attention. In love with the Holo-Pilot tech, Mirage learned everything he could find about it.

Even when his brothers were in MIA during the Frontier War, Mirage and his mother continued to develop Holo devices. He learned about Apex Games while working on the bar. Now, with his customizable holo set hat from his mother, Mirage has brought life to the Apex.

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Except for the passive Now, You See Me, Players can use Mirage’s other abilities for both offensive and defensive. His tactical Psyche Out sends out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy, which lasts for 15 seconds. Ultimate Life of the Party deploys a team of controllable decoys to distract enemies.

How to spot the real Mirage in Apex Legends Mobile

There’s a lot of curiosity in the players that they often think that Mirage is close to invincible while his tactical and ultimate is on a roll. However, Apex Legends Mobile does have some loopholes, or they want players to use those to find Mirage. Here are some quick tips on how a player can spot the real Mirage.

1. Decoys will blink in and out

Apex legends Mobile Real Mirage
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Mirage decoys will start blinking in and out if enemies shoot them. So, if a player is firing at a Mirage and end up not killing it, the decoy will blink. If there’s just one decoy and it’s following the real one, opponents can easily spot the decoy as there are only two. If one is not the real one, then the other one is surely him. And when there are six Mirages, the spotting may be challenging. However, a quick aim can prevent this from happening. 

2. The one’s getting damaged

Mirage decoys take hits but don’t get any damage. So, they’ve like 1HP or not even that. Each decoy, after taking three-hit, disappears. In the meantime, the real one spots his enemies. However, keep in mind that while shooting a Mirage, if it is not taking any damage, then it’s a decoy, and players will know after shooting it three times.

3. Use Throwables to spot real Mirage

Apex legends Mobile real Mirage
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Mirage can also be spotted by using throwables. This is highly effective because if a player is taking a throwable out to use it against Mirage and can use it at the right time, the real one will be spotted along with the decoys will be no more effective.

4. The real one will be shooting at you

Mirage, while facing a 1v1, mostly uses his tactical. Do not let him keep out of sight or use smokes if you’re pushing. But in normal scenarios, Mirage will be actively shooting to take you down. Just look around which one’s shooting at you and counter it. 

5. Decoys do not have gun skins

Mirage decoys do not have the same gun skin as the real ones have. So, when fighting against Mirage, try to spot the color of the gun. But this will not work if the legends haven’t had any skin equipped. So far, this trick is working. But it can be a glitch as well. 

6. Specific legends can find Mirage easily

Apex legends Mobile Real Mirage
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Bloodhound‘s tactical Eye of the Allfather reveals everything for a while. So, if you’re playing Bloodhound, wait for Mirage to use his first, then spot him by using yours. Also, Gibraltar‘s ‘Dome of Protection’ is useful against the decoys as they can’t go through it. Besides, tactical and ultimate caustic are useful in spotting Mirage.

What are your thoughts about how to spot real Mirage in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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