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The new Overdrive mode in Mobile Legends is one of the latest arcade modes which comes to Mobile Legends, which is of course available for a limited time. The main purpose of this mode is an interlude from the main modes offered by Mobile Legends, namely Classic and Ranked. Like the Mayhem mode, every hero that players use in Overdrive Mode will experience a very significant ability increase.

Every available character will be granted significant enhanced which are infinite mana, endless energy. Even all skills that are certain, do not have a long enough cooldown. This is certainly an exciting mode, because of the high intensity of the battle, that will be presented every second. Here, we would like to give a little insight into overdrive mode and give players the best hero recommendations, which players can try in this mode.

Mobile Legends Overdrive mode: Game modes

Gameplay-wise, the overdrive mode is similar to the ranked or classic mode, with the objective of destroying the opponent’s base turret. The map used in the overdrive mode is also the same map as the ranked mode and classic mode. In the hero selection phase, players will be given 2 random choices of heroes similar to the selection of heroes in Brawl mode.

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In overdrive mode, the player will be given an additional 50% attack speed and an increase of 30 movement speed points. Players will get an 80% reduction in-hero skill cooldown. This significant reduction in the cooldown of hero skills makes it seem as if players are continuously launching skills at their opponents. However, the cooldown of hero skills will still be around 1-8 seconds, depending on the heroes used.

There is a resilience of 25% for all players. For information, resilience allows players to receive stun effects, knockbacks, etc. with a shorter duration. Lastly, MOONTON Games also reduces the cooldown of battle spells by 50%, which allows players to use more spells in one match.

Overdrive Mode: Tips and Tricks

1. Do not buy mana shoes and mana regen item

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One of the buffs, players will get in this mode is infinite mana. One does not have to buy any kind of item that will regenerate your mana as your mana will never decrease. Players just have to focus on the damage items.

2. Pick hero that does not rely on basic attacks

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The skill’s cooldown will be decreasing drastically. It will be best if players pick a hero, that does not rely on its basic attacks. Therefore, players can be focused on utilizing the skills. Esmeralda, Hylos and Cecilion will be very useful as in normal mode, their skills drain its manna more than everyone.

3. Rush the enemies from the beginning

After players finish farming until level 4, players just have to set aside their objectives and start rushing into their enemies, as they are looking for fun and relieve your stress from ranked and classic mode!

Mobile Legends Overdrive mode: Best hero recommendations

We recommend the heroes based on their flexibility, in the Mobile Legends overdrive mode, as it will become the carry in the game, also based on its overpowered skills, after all of the enhanced in overdrive mode. Players are free to make an experiment and try another hero, but we will give the players insight into which hero that worth their time in overdrive mode. There will be 4 heroes along with factors that make them overpowered in this mode.

1. Estes

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Estes will be the dream hero in this mode. Even though his role is support and automatically, players won’t deal as much damage as possible like the teammate. This will make the team invincible, as players can use their healing skills infinitely, with a reduced cooldown and infinite mana.

2. Alice

Mobile Legends Alice Guide Cover
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The players of Alice has the problem is that her ultimate is to consume the mana until it is drained out, if they forget to turn it off. But, in this mode, players can turn on the Alice ultimate, even from the beginning of the game, as her manna will become infinite.

3. Sun

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Sun in overdrive mode is basically a cheat. With his decreasing cooldown skills, players can create an infinite clone of Sun, as his skill will be available again even before his clone’s time is up. Players can solo the lord or the tower like they hit the litho wonderer.

4. Hylos

Hylos Mobile Legends Guide Cover
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Hylos is one of the current meta heroes as you can use him as tank, offlane, or even as the core. The problem is Hylos’ second skill is consuming his mana continuously, as they turn his skill, similar to Alice’s ultimate. However, in this mode, players don’t have to worry about their mana and players can rush the enemies or open the war easier.

Final Thoughts

Overdrive mode is the latest mode created by MOONTON Games for players, that only focus on total fun and total chaos in the game. They would have not to worry about the objective, as they can definitely play fun, either get the highest kill. Players want to have fun with these full-enhanced heroes. It will become a perfect place to relieve their stress especially after experiencing a lose streak, or having a toxic teammate in their previous team.

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