Top 10 best Roleplay Mods that you can use in the game

Minecraft has been one of the most popular games across the globe for over a decade now. One of the most fascinating aspects of the game is the creation of mods by the fans. For over a decade the game and the Minecraft community have seen thousands of mods. Out of which, roleplay mods are the popular type of mods that allows the players to roleplay in-game, also referred to as RPing. Inserting these mods adds new features to the game, such as new items, NPCs, and quests. Here we have got you a list of the 10 best Roleplay Mods for Minecraft.

Best Roleplay Mods that you can use in Minecraft

1. Super Roleplay Mod

The Super Roleplay Mod gives access to new items in-game which are useful in the game, such as a huge number of items, clothes, and economy items that give one access to a wide variety of different roleplaying scenarios.

Super Roleplay Mod in Minecraft

Enabling this mod allows the players to enjoy six economy-based roleplay items, nine new roleplay outfits, and five general roleplaying items such as batons, police cards, and health cards.

2. SCMowns Server Roleplay Jobs Mod

minecraft best roleplay mods
SCMowns Server Roleplay Jobs Mod in Minecraft

This mod is perfect for the ones who love to play Minecraft servers with jobs. Through this mod, players can enjoy and roleplay a huge number of different jobs including different professions and career paths such as:

  • Lumberjack
  • Player Helper
  • Forester
  • Police Officer
  • FBI Agent
  • Hit Man
  • Scammer
  • Corrupted Chemist
  • Farmer
  • Fisherman

3. Stealths Expanded Apocalypse Mod

minecraft best roleplay mods
Stealths Expanded Apocalypse Mod in Minecraft

The Stealth Expanded Apocalypse Mod is a very effective and simple mod that introduces a variety of new items and features to the game that replicates the apocalypse. It is a survival-focused, open-world RPG which makes the game more challenging and complex adding more content and features.

4. RolePlayCraft Mod

minecraft best roleplay mods
Roleplay Craft Mod in Minecraft

RoleplayCraft Mod includes 500,000 downloads that were created in the year 2018. If you are talking about content, this mod comes with a variety of items and blocks designed to help aid different in-game roleplay scenarios. The ones who love to use emojis will definitely like this mod since it adds a bunch of different cool emojis to the game.

5. RolePlay+

minecraft best roleplay mods
RolePlay Mod in Minecraft

The Roleplay+ mod allows the players to play more interactively adding a bunch of different cool tools, weapons, and armors/suits to the game that are required in different roleplaying scenarios. Not that popular if compared with the above 4 mods, it still comes with many features and is a great choice for the ones who are roleplaying solo without the company of others.

6. RLCraft Mod

The RLCraft mod is known for the realism and the challenge is introduced to the game. It comes with totally new gameplay mechanics, from skill trees to new tools, structures, and areas to discover. This mod features brand new enemies which spawn across the whole in-game world.

minecraft best roleplay mods
RLCraft Mod in Minecraft

A thirst mechanic has also been introduced and hunger has been made more punishing when not tended to. If you want to experience extreme survival adventures, this mod is the best.

7. Electroblob’s Wizardry

It is a no-hassle mod that adds in wizards, spells, and magic wands. You can revive the head, saturate yourself, breathe fire, and wear cool hats. This magic mod resembles an RPG in the truest sense, with different levels of progression and mastery that will indicate your progress as a wizard.

minecraft best roleplay mods
Electroblobs Wizardry Mod in Minecraft

By finding spell books, wands, and scrolls, visiting wizard towers and ancient runes you too can become a wizard of legend!

8. Lost Cities Mod

The 1.14 update brought changes in the villages drastically and also introduced villagers into the mix. Thankfully, the Lost Cities Mod changes this as it generates massive abandoned cities for players to find. The cities feature massive apartment buildings and blocks to discover.

minecraft best roleplay mods
Lost Cities mod in Minecraft

The apartments and blocks are also connected with highways and tunnels which can be followed by players. For the ones who seek a post-apocalyptic type of world in their game, this is a great mod for them.

9. Betweenlands Mod

minecraft best roleplay mods
The Betweenlands mod in Minecraft

The Betweenlands mod is known for introducing a brand-new dimension into the game. This mod is much like the Aether. The brand-new dimension comes with tons of new enemies and areas to explore. The dimension also consists of new bosses that can be fought and hundreds of new blocks which makes the building aspect of Minecraft spicy.

10. No Cubes Mod

Everything in Minecraft looks like a blocky, pixelated cartoon world, with a stereotypical vibrant appearance. What if the Minecraft world was not made of cubes? Yes, there is actually a mod for it out there.

minecraft best roleplay mods
No Cubes mod in Minecraft

The No Cubes Mod completely changes the way Minecraft looks. It comes with a different perspective in-game. It features shaders which make the environment look more amazing. Although it is not the most playable version of the game, one would prefer to have any experience with this mod since it gives a different look to the world, a world without its default cubic appearance.

Applying these awesome mods to your copy of Minecraft can help transform it into a game that feels completely different.

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