Tower Defense Beasts Tier List for February 2022

Clash of Beasts: Tower Defense is a strategy game from Ubisoft that is concerned with the power of beasts. Players have to train their beast and forge a stronger beast while strengthening their fortress. There are 65 different beasts with different classes and affinities. It is important to know each beast, in order to, help a player in the decision whether he wants to play it in the game. This is a beast that players can add to their formation, and can be used to attack the enemy base. In this Clash of Beasts tier list for February 2022, we will help players list each beast, that is considered overpowered and very recommended for them.

Fortunately, the classifications in Clash of Beasts is not that complicated as each affinity does not contradict with each other. Players just have to deploy the beast that has a different affinity with the enemy base, gaining an upper wind. This list will come along with the beasts that one should avoid. There will be 5 tiers (S until D) and 4 different classes. This will come with the recommendation of beasts from GamingonPhone, based on its ability and skillset.

Clash of Beasts Tier List for February 2022

Tier Mage Rogue Tank Berserker
S (Overpowered) Lunaros, Brightwing, Shadescale, Tyranta, Talvara Iridoz, Shalegrasp, Elentara, Ar’Kanos, Vorgoth
A (Good) Sevitaar, Kalaantiss, Wortan, Deathgaze, Rootsnap Evermaw, Rattlegasp Thanaku, Crushgrin
B (Average) Tonitrus, Sivry, Kerbera Sparkjaw, Mavra Slughorn, Methisis Hurngold, Vorathresh, Styx
C (Common) Vosgorth, Screech, Skycrash Sashaman, Arigoz, Proudbeak Noor, Krakaton Horndal, urs-Haala
D (Least favourite) Malok Frost Wolf Ananzi, Nara, Magma Todakonuwe, Thorn Hurn

Clash of Beasts Tier List for February 2022: Beast recommendations

Players will be given five recommended beasts that need to be paid attention to. These beasts were chosen, based on their skill set and the effect of their skill on enemy towers. Some of them have more than 3 skills, as they will have another skillset, as their rarity is higher. Another factor was based on their attributes that already exceeds some upgraded beasts with their normal attributes. Some of them will see get through the forge beast, but some of them will face you already at the beginning of the game.

1. Vorgoth

Image via Ubisoft

Players will have already met Vorgoth. In the tutorial, it will also become one of the first beasts along with Talvara. Vorgoth is a tank beast, so it has already more HP than other beasts. It will hold the tower’s damage better. The fourth skill will help players reduce the distance to the enemy tower, as Vorgoth will charge and jump to the middle of the tower, dealing massive damage.

2. Shadescale

Clash of Beasts Tier List February 2022
Image via Ubisoft

This three heads snake is one of the beasts, that players can get at the beginning of the game. Players can forge it with Vorgoth and Talvara, who are the parents of this darkness serpent. Its tail sweep will help players deal critical damage to multiple towers at once, as its basic attack can help them deal damage to two towers at once.

3. Kalaantis

Clash of Beasts Tier List February 2022
Image via Ubisoft

The water serpent is one of the common beasts, that one cannot underestimate. It has devastating stats on its attacks, which will help players crush enemy towers in no time.

4. Korhal

Clash of Beasts Tier List February 2022
Image via Ubisoft

Korhal is one of the legendary beasts that players will want to add to your roster. Its maximum health reaches 39,000, as its attacks can prove to be a nightmare to the enemies. One thing that players should consider is its long healing time makes it unworthy of the effort.

5. Talvara

Clash of Beasts Tier List February 2022
Image via Ubisoft

The last beast is Talvara, which is one of the beasts that players can get at the beginning of the game for free, along with Vorgoth. Players should not underestimate its holy attack, as it deals massive critical damage to enemy towers.

Final Thoughts

Beasts do have more than one category. The ideal condition for players is that each beast belongs to a different class to the roster, especially with a different affinity. This will help players help to finish the raid in no time since they will experience hard challenges with higher-level enemies when they will have more than one tower complex with different affinities.

Having overpowered beasts with massive damage and tanky health points will be a plus point to the roster, but players will also need to pay attention to their skills, as some skills will help them destroy multiple towers at once. Most of these are owned by mage beasts.

That’s all for today’s Clash of Beasts Tier List for February 2022. Did you find such a guide helpful? 

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