WonderHero Beginners Guide and Tips

WonderHero is the newest game joining the genre of Play to Earn games based on NFT, marketplace trading of NFTs. It is a turn-based RPG game based on the theme of Apocalypses struck Earth in the distant future. The characters and gameplay designs are inspired by anime and their popular characters ver the years. The game has been launched for both Android and iOS players, where they have to collect Heroes, take part in combat and play to earn tokens in a fantasy world. In this beginners guide, we will highlight the basic details on getting started with WonderHero and ultimately being the best commander in the game.

Getting Started with WonderHero

To get started with the first battle, you have to buy two Hero NFT Skins and two NFT Weapons to play the game. These NFT can be brought from Wonderhero marketplace or Initial NFT box sale. Without these NFT items, no player can start playing the game.

Game Modes

The game offers two major gameplay modes,i.e. the Battle Mode and the Arena Mode (PvP).

  • Battle Mode: This is an exciting story campaign designed for the players to complete. Each level has its own sets of challenges when completed will reward players with stars. Players can earn more rewards when sufficient stars have been collected.
  • Arena Mode: In arena mode, players compete against other players to climb the rank on the leaderboard.

Undeerstanding the Battle gameplay

WonderHero is a turn-based RPG game, which has two main phases of the battle, i.e. Ally Action phase and the Enemy Action phase. In the Ally Action phase, players can move their heroes strategically to plan or to attack the enemies. Pressing the Action button will initiate the attacks and end the Ally Action phase.

Image via WonderHero

Now, with the end of the Ally Action phase, Enemy Action Phase will begin where enemies can move and plan their attacks. When the attack is initiated by the enemies, the enemy action phase will end and the Ally Action phase will again be initiated, allowing the players to move and attack accordingly.

Team Composition

Players can take four Heroes for battle. It is always advised to have a balanced set of Heroes in the Team. Heroes are categorized into three groups, i.e. Human, Mech, and Cyborg.

  • Human Hero has combat advantage against the Mechs.
  • Mech Hero has combat advantage against the Cyborgs.
  • Cyborg Hero has combat advantage against the Humans.
team composition wonderhero
Image via WonderHero

As different Heroes are having certain advantages over other kinds of Heroes, it is strategically important to have a mix of all Heroes in the team. Apart from the kind of Hero, other attributes such as Weapons, Equipment, Skins, and Hero level are also important to know the strength of the Hero.

The Weapons and Equipment will play a major factor in the battlefield. Weapons and Equipment are of different types and attacking characteristics. For example, Weapons are categorized into certain elements such as Fire, Ice, Wind, Dark, Light. Similarly, Equipment is grouped into Headgear, Battlesuit, Badge which boosts the base stats of the Heroes. Additionally, equipping the whole set of Equipment will grant additional skills too.

Boss Fight

Like in most games, the Boss Fight in WonderHero is tough but with a proper plan, can easily be defeated. In WonderHeroes, the Bosses have breakable parts with certain element synergy. Equipping Heroes with that particular element Weapon will help in damaging and breaking that certain Boss part.

After breaking these parts, players get a chance of getting rare NFTs. But like in most Boss Battle, it is advisable to avoid the ultimate attacks of the Boss, which may deal serious damage to the team. Warning signs will pop up on the Battle Arena indicating the Area of Effect of Enemy Boss.

WonderHero Beginners Guide: Tips on How to Play and Earn

WND Token and HON Token

WND Token and HON Token are the basic in-game currency used for upgrading Hero skin, Weapon, Equipment. These are the NFTs that are majorly used in the game. Players can earn WND/HON and other valuable NFTs by advancing the Battle mode (PVE ) or by competing against other players in PVP battles.

Players earn stars for completing missions and challenges in the game. These stars are used to unlock additional rewards that often contain WND tokens and other valuable items. Players also receive NFT drops after Boss Fights.

tokens nft WonderHero Beginners Guide
Image via WonderHero

Apart from the tokens, the NFTs drop in form of Weapons or Equipment is very useful in earning better. With the higher grade Weapon or Equipment, players can trade on the marketplace to fetch a better amount which again is liquidated on the exchange platform.  A 5% fee will be taken from the successful sale of WonderHero NFT assets.

Spending vs Output Rewards

When players level up through the game, the up-gradation of NFT assets gets costlier. Players need to have more competitiveness and get rewarded better. The farming output from Play To Earn (PTE) of HON and WND have certain differences for players at different stages of the game, this is to achieve the constant dynamic balance of the token economy.

Game Stage Beginner Intermediate Advanced
HON Farm > Spend Farm ~= Spend Farm < Spend
WND Farm > Spend Farm >> Spend Farm >>> Spend

For WND, the amount earned will gradually increase as players progress further into the game to reward players for long-run association with WonderHero.

Liquidating your Play to Earn Tokens

Players can farm for WND and HON that are needed to evolve weapons. These WND & HON tokens can be traded on DEXes. That’s all for the basic tips and tricks, if you find it difficult progressing in the game, you can always fall back to this WonderHero Beginners Guide for help.

That’s all for today’s WonderHero beginners guide. Did you find our WonderHero beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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